19 Warning Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business

19 Warning Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business

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Could your brand be what’s holding you back from growing your business, raising your rates and having the impact you desire to make?

If you’re experiencing any of the below the issues or concerns then your brand may be the blind spot that’s holding you back from achieving your desires.

How many of these statements feel true to you?

19 Warning Signs It's Time To Rebrand

  1. Your business name doesn’t fit your brand’s vision
  2. You’re embarrassed to send someone to your website or hand them your business card
  3. You aren’t standing out from the competition
  4. Your customers don’t know why they should buy from you
  5. You can’t seem to increase your prices
  6. Your business strategy is evolving significantly
  7. Your brand’s look and feel is stale, old and boring, or worse… you have an unoriginal brand that’s using clip art! Ak!
  8. Your brand’s message and design is all over the place
  9. You’re changing “who” you sell to or “what” you sell them
  10. Your business culture is misaligned
  11. You’ve added new products or services and they are confusing to your customers
  12. You’re feeling unclear about your key messages
  13. You’re not attracting customers you love
  14. You feel like you’re wasting your marketing budget
  15. You’re not attracting top talent to work with you
  16. Your brand doesn’t seem relevant in the marketing anymore
  17. Your current brand is overly complex and you want to simplify it
  18. You and your customers don’t love or feel connected to your brand
  19. Your business is exploding in growth, but you’re not sure what the right next steps are

If you’re still reading this and you find yourself sighing because more than one of these statements are true, book a free consultation call with us and we can help you assess this further with you.

I’d love to hear from you in the below comments, how many of these statements are true to you?

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