3 strategies for improving website conversions for startup marketing

The goal of your home page is to get the customer to take action. This may sound counter intuitive because your website offers lots of information and options but when you look at the most highly optimized websites like Drop Box, Starbucks and BaseCamp it’s clear what action they are guiding you to take.

A great example of guiding the customer to take an action is towards a free offer that you give them when they opt in with an email address. This has the added benefit of giving you an email address that you can use later as part of your marketing strategy. This should be something that you are very proud of and it should have a strong compelling action from the home page. Ideally the opt in should have prominent placement and be placed above the fold.

Exposing your customer’s problems and pains is key to creating compelling brand messages for your website’s content. Consider how your business solves a problem or helps your customer achieve a dream. For example; If you’re a chiropractor your customer’s biggest problem could be their sore back, so you should speak to this pain in your brand messaging. Also it’s important to support your claims with truthful testimonials from your customers that directly speak into the specific results your customer is seeking.

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