8 Startup Tips for Brand Development


8 Startup Tips for Brand Development

Do what you love and let your passion become what you do. Discover what you are meant to do in this world and then get to work. Each one of us is born with unique talents and gifts. Make your passion matter by pursuing it! It’s time to wake up!

Think about the big picture early on. What is your big harry audacious goal (BHAG)? Where are will you be in 10 years if your startup is successful? What will happen if your customers love your new startup idea? Be specific about the destination you wish to create in your business. Take the time to articulate your vision statement which should include a metric for how you will measure your success. Then it’s about believing in your vision and working every day, detail by detail, to achieve your dreams.

Simply taking the time to write down your values will save you headaches in the long-run. Values make expectations clear. Values serve as a reminder for who you are why you took the leap to startup this business in the first place. Values will help you to make hard decisions. Write down your values and then make them visible for all to see.

Decide what you want to be famous for and then intentionally build a conversation that helps people talk about you when you’re not there. This clarity will help you attract the customers you love to work with because your brand positioning will be obvious to your customers. Before your customers can know you’re different then your competitors you must have brand clarity. Your brand should be the first to market something or the only business doing what you’re doing.

Create a concise statement that is fueled with your personality and makes a claim you can promise to deliver each and every time.

Graphic designers will help you bring your vision to life so make sure you’re working with a freelancer who cares to have a deep understanding of your brand strategy and business model before they will start to visualize your logo design and other brand design elements for you.

Be in a perpetual state of learning and then share your knowledge within your community. When you share what you know you are multiplying the effect and enriching people’s lives around you. The value you bring to your customers must always be growing and evolving. Never static. Never stop making a difference in the community you are creating. Take the time to connect new people, share wealth and new information.

Once you have taken the time to dig deeply into your life’s purpose, long-term vision, values listen to your instincts. Be a leader who is intimetately in tune your heart.