A startup story behind the brand at UrbanSitter

The founders of UrbanSitter are all parents, who struggled to find sitters when their kids were born. They saw an opportunity to build a service to make parents’ everyday lives easier. Prior to UrbanSitter, co-founder Lynn Perkins had slowly built up a personal network of sitters and ultimately became a “go-to” resource among friends, recommending her own trusted sitters to friends in need. Lynn knew there was a way to translate this word-of-mouth phenomenon into an online service—and make it better. That’s how UrbanSitter got its start.

At UrbanSitter we believe that it’s healthy for parents to find time for themselves. Parents, who would otherwise forego plans, now have access to a convenient network of sitters they feel they can trust. Sitters—often college students looking to earn extra money—now have an online resource where they can find jobs and gain valuable work experience. By using social networks and technology to bridge what once was a divide, we make life more efficient and enjoyable for thousands of parents and sitters around the country.

This year, UrbanSitter will expand to nine cities across the US and that’s just the beginning. Online payment features and other product enhancements will make UrbanSitter into an indispensable tool for both parents and sitters. Someday, UrbanSitter will be known throughout the country as the simplest and most effective way to find and hire a babysitter. Beyond that, we’ll explore natural extensions of our service—perhaps additional services for placing nannies or booking pet sitters.

We believe booking a babysitter should be as simple as making a dinner reservation online. We know that parents have traditionally relied on friends to recommend babysitters, but that process is inefficient. Our mission is to provide an online marketplace that leverages social networks, so parents can find and book sitters through people they know.

In the beginning, we had to decide whether or not to require users to log in with their Facebook accounts. The concept of UrbanSitter relies on the power of social networks to connect parents and sitters through real life connections. In the end we decided Facebook login would be integral to our product, enabling users to instantly discover connections through their friends.

We’d like people to look back and say, “Do you remember the old-days when you actually had to call around to find a babysitter? How ridiculous was that!” There are very few things left in this world that you can’t do online, and booking a babysitter is no longer one of them, thanks to UrbanSitter.

Six degrees of babysitting

We designed our logo around the concept of “six degrees of babysitting.” Every parent has a network of friends and friends-of-friends through which they can find trusted babysitters.

We keep our website design clean, modern, and above all, intuitive. Our product is our platform—and if it’s not easy to use, we’ve failed. Since we’re revolutionizing an existing service, it’s also important to us that our site feels contemporary.

As parents and internet veterans, the company’s four founders understand exactly what parents need and how to deliver it.