Behind the Brand Strategy at MediaCore

MediaCore is about rethinking the way people learn. Think of us as your own secure YouTube, but uniquely designed to enhance learning and training in corporations and educational institutions. Using MediaCore, you can increase student performance, increase retention, and easily distribute information.

Our online video learning platform provides a complete end-to-end solution that removes the complexity in building a video site, encoding video, storing large assets, and delivering video to a global audience on both desktop and mobile browsers. Our technology scales to millions of users, is fully cloud-based and is accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

We have competitors in various sectors of the video platform and learning tool markets. Our video platform competitors include well established brands like Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, Panopto and several others that provide a wide range of video experiences that serve a variety of purposes (i.e., from marketing to TV channels to online retail). Since we have decided to expressly focus the company on the education market and create a video learning platform, we are now in competition, although less so, with some learning management system providers and integrated lecture capture providers.

Although we do realize that there are established competitors in the various markets that we compete in, we are confident that MediaCore provides a differentiated SaaS product that is explicitly focused on the intersection of video and mobile education and learning that will effectively set us apart from our competition. We also see the spirit of competition as a great driver to ensure that we are continually innovating and creating new education tools to improve the platform.

After a whirlwind year in 2011, where we launched the cloud version and several new features, we came to understand that approximately 80% of our customers were using MediaCore for educational purposes. As I thought more about this interesting statistic, a light bulb went off and I realized that this was the direction we needed to take the company in order to grow and differentiate ourselves. Education was something that not only I was passionate about, but so was my team – it was a good reason to get out of bed in the morning and that’s what we were looking for. We were excited to start building tools that would be positively impact and help educate people all over the world. Once we further investigated the market opportunity, it solidified our decision. We realized that video learning and lecture capture market was on the verge of exploding as online/distance learning enrollment continues to increase and corporations are continually looking to attract, retain, and train more employees while cutting costs in an uncertain economy.

Video learning and lecture capture is about to explode. We’re on the cusp of a shift in learning and education to the idea of “21st century learning” which is what MediaCore is all about. What I mean by “21st century learning” is a boarder-less classroom that offers a collaborative environment that encourages participation, interaction and learning for both the student and the instructor. Whether the learning takes place solely online, or is a combination of in class and online learning, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the opportunity for students to engage with material at their own pace in a collaborative environment that spurs participation and understanding. Higher education, K-12 schools and corporations are all beginning to realize the potential learning opportunities, increased reach and cost savings of online and distance learning which will contribute to the growth of the industry and provide a rich opportunity for MediaCore to develop and become the choice video platform for any learning and training.

  • Facilitate worldwide education. Allow anyone, anytime, anywhere to easily utilize, learn with and teach with MediaCore.
  • Simplicity.Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
  • Quality is key.From customer service to interface design to the way we write our code, we are relentless about making it right the first time.
  • Turning curiosity into action.Curious about how something works? Learn it. Got an awesome idea? Do it!
  • Nurturing creativity.Without creativity innovation doesn’t exist. We provide an environment and tools that nurture creativity.
  • Making a positive difference.Saying no to opportunities if they don’t align with our vision and goals of making a positive difference in education.
  • Accessibility.Ensure that price does not limit the impact that MediaCore can make on education and learning.

MediaCore is a SaaS (software as a service) product that aims to make uploading, managing and distributing video as easy as possible for educators. Customers simply upload their content into the platform’s cloud-based framework and the videos will stream through MediaCore’s exclusive player, which has the ability to automatically determine which browser the user or viewer is connecting with and then sort out whether the video is being shown in Flash or HTML5 (although the player will use HTML5 whenever possible).

This year, we plan to release a ton of new education-focused features that will truly enhance the educational experience for everyone involved, including students, teachers and administrators.

In the future, our goal is to make MediaCore the first choice for organizations looking to use video to educate, learn, train and teach. Our entire team is very passionate about education and we want to set a new standard for 21st century learning.

MediaCore currently has a wide range of customers using the platform for various educational purposes and we are working with Apple Education as they have recognized the platform as the easiest way to get content into iTunes and iTunesU for educational institutions. The University of London and Mentor Graphics are two other goods example of how our clients are using the platform to help teach students and train staff.

University of London – Video for Students and Professors.

Six internationally renowned institutions within the University of London are currently using MediaCore including: Birkbeck College, Institute of Education, School of Pharmacy, School of Oriental and African Studies, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Royal Veterinary College to provide a shared media and podcast distribution platform to over 15,000 undergraduate and 14,000 postgraduate students.

When the University of London started using MediaCore they found it dramatically the ease of which professors could share media in their classrooms, and distribute content to a global audience. The administration is also fanatical about the platform as it’s saved the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars in building their own complex video infrastructure. Their students also benefit from using MediaCore as their professors simply show up to class, their lectures are captured and uploaded to the cloud, and then the students can instantly access the content once class finishes on any device (computer, tablet, or smart phone). This allows students to re-watch things they may have missed, ask questions about what was discussed, and easily review other content from past classes. Now that’s what I call 21st century learning.

In addition to the classroom use of MediaCore at the University of London, they are also using it for their unique WikiVet project. WikiVet reaches over 15,000 alumni at the Royal Veterinary College all over the world and teaches them about the latest advancements in their field in order to help working veterinarians keep on top of the latest changes in veterinary science. The MediaCore mobile app has also been wildly successful for WikiVet and has been used extensively on Android in Africa to help veterinarians teach their students in the field.

Mentor Graphics – Video for Employees and Trainers.

Mentor Graphics is a leader in electronic design automation with revenue of $915 million and over 70 offices worldwide. They use MediaCore within their corporate network to upload, manage and distribute their training videos, which are then accessed by employees worldwide. MediaCore allows Mentor Graphics to privately share video within their organization, which allows engineers to easily collaborate and share knowledge through video.

Rethink Learning

The main concept behind the logo design was to create a personality around the concept of a core. We drew quite a bit of inspiration from the way Apple has introduced icons representing various products in their product line. Our art director, Alex was hugely influential in the overall brand design and has taken painstaking measures to create full branding guidelines that affect everything from our logo at various sizes to the way we blog, to the way we use our name in marketing pieces.