Brand Messaging 101 for Beginners – Part Two – Good, ugly, and great business taglines

Brand Messaging 101 for Beginners – Part One – Good, Ugly, and Great business taglines

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As I said before in my Brand Messaging 101 for Beginners article, I collect business taglines and I finally organized them into three columns. I usually riff about a particular business tagline and share it on Facebook but this time, I’ll share it here first. Before you read my thoughts, I invite you to gather your own thoughts. Or, if you prefer, judge each tagline and then come back to compare them with my thoughts.

To keep it simple for you, I’ve rated them on three aspects: 

  1. Sound byte – Does it rhyme and/or have cadence to it? 
  2. Originality – Is it memorable and does it say something that’s specific?
  3. Brand voice – Does it ooze the brand’s personality? 

Here we go!





A Bold, Global Pharmaceutical Company

American Express

Don’t live life without it.

AT&T Inc 

Your world. Delivered.

Costco Co. 

Simplifying home and life.

Dollar Tree

Everything’s $1

Estee Lauder Cos. 

Bringing the best to everyone we touch.

Expedia Inc. 

Where you book matters.

General Electric 

Imagination at work.

Home Depot 

More Saving. More Doing.

Kellogg Co. 

See You at Breakfast


Reinvent Yourself

Ross Stores 

Dress for Less.

Staples Inc. 

Make More Happen

Target Corp. 

Expect More. Pay Less.

The Gap 

For every generation there’s a Gap. 


Plan and book your perfect trip

Yahoo Inc. 

Do you Yahoo?

Wal-Mart Stores 

Save Money. Live Better.

Whole Foods Market 

Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet.

Verizon Communications 

Rule the Air

 eBay Inc. 

“Buy it, sell it, love it”

Capital One 

What’s in your wallet?

FedEx Corporation

Relax, it’s FedEx; The world on time.


It’s everywhere you want to be.


The safer way to pay online

Google – Don’t be evil.


Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.


Something more.


Get in the zone 


Be Connected. Be Discovered. Be on Facebook.

Johnson & Johnson 

Your Druggist is More Than a Merchant

Kohl’s Corp

 Expect Great Things

Macy’s Inc. 

Way to shop! 

MetLife Inc. 

It’s at times like this that Metlife sets itself apart. – What time like this are you referring to? Now or last week?


Solutions for your success.

Michael Kors Holdings 

A chic, luxurious, sexy fragrance for women.

PepsiCo Inc. 

Pepsi. It’s the cola.

Apple Inc. 

Think Different.

Campbell Soup 

Mm, good!


Define your world in a whole new way.

Western Union Co

The fastest way to send money – worldwide




Think different speaks to Apple’s “cool” crowd. Originally, the brand was designed for designers, innovators and creative types who “think big”. This tagline, originally an advertising campaign, had Steve Jobs vision and input all over it. He insisted that he wanted “different” to be used as a noun, as in “think victory” or “think beauty”. He wanted to make it sound colloquial, like the phrase “think big”. 

Campbell’s – Mm, Good! 

This tagline is memorable because it sticks. It also speaks to the personality of the brand in the customer’s voice versus their own message, which is a very effective approach. They didn’t say something along the lines of we make the best soup, instead they mirrored their customer’s voice right back at them which further supports their customer’s brand loyalty.  


Their tagline speaks to their brand as a lifestyle, not just a product. Harley-Davidson people are often die-hard brand fans wearing other branded items. The brand has intentionally built on this brand lifestyle over the years which captures the emotions of their target customers. 

Western Union. 

The business name doesn’t say what this business does but the tagline perfectly captures in a specific and memorable way. What they do is “send money worldwide” and how they do it differently “fastest way”. 


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That was fun! Want to see more taglines? Here are 135 taglines and business names of successful B-corps, social enterprises, and do-gooders to draw inspiration from. Enjoy!

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