How you Turn your Startup Brand into an Asset

Your brand is an intangible asset that sits on your balance sheet. Once you’re clear on what your brand stands for it will be time to grow your brand asset.

I’ve developed a three step framework to help you grow your brand. First you need to find a way to inject creativity into your business, second you will need to measure your brand’s progress and finally create rituals around how your brand becomes the fabric of your startup culture. In previous articles we explored how to track your vision’s progress and align your companies behaviours.

Finding ways to include creativity, rituals and measure goals in your business will help to keep your brand alive. It will inspire your employees and entertain your customers.

Here are some creative ideas to ignite your creative spark:

  • Come up with a free give away for your customers
  • Create an reward around living your brand’s values. Allow people to nominate eachother and capture stories about how you have brought your values to life with customers or internally.
  • Develop a Facebook competition that celebrates your customer community