Branding Yourself with our Online Branding Tools


Branding Yourself with our Online Branding Tools

Before you launch your business into the confines of the business world. Before you research the market viability of your purest thought. Start writing your business plan, getting your logo designed and registering your URL. I encourage you to start with with unlocking your creative genius by getting clear on your brand’s purpose, vision, values, positioning, promise and name. This website has plenty of branding tools help you to breathe life into the power of your creation.

Why start with your brand? Two reasons. First, your business idea will benefit from your seed stage creativity. Secondly, your brand is the one plan you can always follow. Most importantly, it will remind you of your authentic path in the context of the market opportunity.

When you start with your brand, you start with your life’s purpose because as the leader of your business you are your brand. You may hire experts, consultants and collaborate as a team along the way but the buck stops with you. You’re the one who will stay awake at night wondering about the critical decisions you need to make.

It’s my hope that your brand plan will help you sleep a little better knowing you’re on a clear path. The clarity you will gain through this branding process will ground your busy business mind in decisions you’ll be proud of and keep you on the track of your envisioned path.

Our branding tools are a backstage pass into the mysterious and magical process of what we creative people do in our funky loft studios when we’re masterminding your brands’ existence. I’ve written it as a do-it-yourself to branding your business, but the topics we cover are equally as relevant for a funded startup who fully intends to hire this work out. Even if you decide to pay the big bucks to get your brand developed, any branding agency worth the money will dig deep with you into the questions we’re going to explore in this branding process. There is no escaping the clarity that can only be found in you.

It’s my goal to explain why these branding steps matter for your business, what each of them are and then I’m going to give you a brand template for applying it to your startup immediately. You may be thinking “but I’m not creative”. Don’t worry. I’ve developed lots of free do-it-yourself branding tools including a FREE video series to give you an espresso shot for your imagination.

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Remember branding yourself is a creative process. The steps to finding brand clarity outlined in the brand tools section of this site are simply a guideline to help you dive deep into what makes will help you make your brand stand out. If you’re feeling inspired in a new direction by all means explore away. Your brand is a reflection of you and only you know what will work best.