Customer Empathy is the Golden Key in the Brand Development Process

Now that you’ve drafted your companies purpose statement I’m going to share with you how to avoid the mistake most entrepreneurs make in their brand messaging. As the founder of your startup, you’re most likely a brilliant expert in your industry. This expertise you posses is without question your secret sauce but when it comes to your messaging your expertise can be your worst enemy. I know this concept may be difficult to understand. I had a hard time with this notion too. It’s important for you to acknowledge as an expert you see things quite differently than your customers do.

Let’s take a Naturopathic doctor as an example. They have a high level of expertise that helps them heal their patients. Let’s say a patient comes into the doctor and says “help me with my digestive problem” when in fact the doctors uncovers that the patients high levels of stress is what’s causing of their digestive problem. The patient WANTS help with their digestion but in this case what they really NEED is to educe their stress levels. As experts we often try to sell what we know our customers need, but in doing so we’re missing out on a huge opportunity by addressing what our customers want. In this case the doctor needs to connect the dots between his patients suffering digestion with the potential stress solution. It could sound something like this… “I’ll show you a technique that will take 15 minutes a day that will heal your digestive problems so you eat what you want.”

Before we can truly be empathetic for our customers we have to forget everything we know about what we as experts know our customers need. We have to let go of the knowledge we bring and step into the problems, aspirations and fears of our customers. We must intimately understand what’s on our customers minds, not ours.

Customers will buy from you based on the emotional promises you create. They choose to buy based on their emotion and then they justify it logically. The better you are able to resonate with your customers emotions the more likely you are to sell them your product or service. It’s simply a matter of packaging your message in a manner that your customer feel you understand them.