How to put your Startup’s Brand Strategy Together


How to put your Startup’s Brand Strategy Together

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to go through our branding tools and you have started creating your brand strategy. Once you feel you have your brand plan in draft format, try your statements out on your friends and colleagues. Be curious about what they like and why, and what they don’t like and why. Keep an open mind. Just record their reactions.

Now comes the easy part. Try to let your brand strategy go for at least 24 hours and do something completely different. Then come back to it. You may be surprised at what stands out or sounds ordinary when you come back to re–evaluate. It’s tempting to skip this step if you’re on a deadline, but it’s essential. The branding statements you are making are the foundations of your business, and of course, your brand.

Once you have gone through the rough draft process of your brand strategy, make sure to complete your final statements. It’s important that you make a commitment to achieving brand clarity in the process you have just gone through. I recommend making some of these brand statements visible to your customers, especially the promise and values.

And when you hire people, show them your brand strategy. Talk to them about your mission statement, visionary goals and the unique business culture you are building.