135 Tagline and Business Names Examples of Impact Brands

135 Tagline and Business Names Examples of Impact Brands

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Taglines, also commonly referred to as slogans or brand promises. The purpose of creating a tagline for your brand is to capture the promise your brand is making. It’s the second most important message after your business name because it will be paired with your business name on pretty much everything! You will want your business name and tagline to pretty much say it all so it can communicate succinctly and immediately.

Whether it pulls on heartstrings, provokes thought, or describes what your business does, your business name and tagline should magnetize your ideal customers.

9 Quick Tips For Creating A Great Tagline

Here are a few tips to help you create a memorable tagline for your brand:

  • It’s thought-provoking and speaks to your mission  
  • It doesn’t have any fluff – every word in the brand promise is deliberate and specifically communicates with purpose and intention
  • It’s memorable and it sticks with you
  • It plays on words or a double entendre; there’s more to it than its surface meaning
  • It makes you nervous because it IS different
  • It mirrors your brand personality and attitude
  • It works together with the name of your business
  • Consider using alliteration and even rhyme
  • Consider the rhythm and syllable pattern of the words you select

Common mistakes when combining your business name and tagline for your business

After reviewing thousands of brands in my 15 years as a branding consultant, here are the mistakes I see mostly commonly:

  • It’s not brave and bold. No one wants boring, they want extraordinary
  • It’s too vague and broad, in other words it could apply to many businesses or even industries
  • It lacks personality and attitude and focuses too much on “the what” and not enough on “the why” behind why your brand
  • It speaks to everyone instead of an ideal customer
  • It says things that everyone is already saying in your industry like in the coaching business you often see a variation of “live your dream life”. It’s been done to death
  • The tagline and the business name doesn’t have even a hint of “what you do”

5 Categories To Inspire Your Business Name Brainstorming Session

Here are a few categories to help you feel inspired to brainstorm your business name:

  • A personal brand inspired by your name (or someone else’s) such as Burt’s Bees, Nordstroms, Tesla
  • An invented word or phrase such as Fairware, Blue Avocado and Bixbee
  • An out of the box name such as Google, Virgin, Apple
  • A descriptive name such as Charity Bank and Renewal Funds
  • A description of your cause such as Ethical Bean and Good    

Here are 135 taglines and business names of successful B-corps, social enterprises, and do-gooders to draw inspiration from:

In the comments below, I’d love to hear… What’s your brand name and tagline?

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