Nurse Next Door is all in with their Brand Strategy


Nurse Next Door is ALL in with their Brand Strategy

It was really based on personal experience. While John and Ken were looking at starting a business together, Ken’s wife, who was pregnant with their first child at the time, was put on emergency bed rest. Ken went to the yellow pages to find home care. When his first caregiver showed up he asked her what she thought of the company she worked for (as he was intrigued by the industry). Her response: “I don’t know. I just faxed my resume in yesterday and they told me to come here.” Pretty scary. John, meanwhile, had similarly trying experiences looking for care for his grandmother. Together, based on these personal experiences, they could sense the opportunity.

In 2001, after these personal experiences and of course researching the opportunity and building a plan, John and Ken bought two phones and hired six caregivers. It took a few months to get any traction going but after month 3 they doubled the following month. And the month after. They kept up a pretty rapid pace until by year five they were the largest private home care provider in Western Canada even though they were only servicing Metro Vancouver. After getting the systems right over their first five years, they decided to franchise the concept. They started with initial locations in Burnaby/New Westminster and Kamloops and tested their franchise model. Once they got those bugs worked out they began their rapid expansion. Today, Nurse Next Door has 50 locations across Canada and now into the US. What is the vision for Nurse Next Door?

Help companies and their employees deal with the demands of caregiving with our full corporate caring program. Be the most provocative brand across North America Make 1,000,000 lives better a year Have 265 locations across North America in the next 5 years

Nurse Next Door has one core purpose and four core values.

Our core purpose is: Making Lives Better

Our core values are:

  1. WOW Customer Experience
  2. Find a Better Way
  3. Passionate About Making a Difference and
  4. Admire People

Our Core Values really direct every decision – from small to strategic. We hire based on our Core Values and we fire based on our Core values. One example that stands out is when we decided to fire a client that accounted for nearly 80% of our annual revenues (millions of dollars) because they weren’t Admiring people. It took a while to come back from that but our team and our organization is stronger because of it. What is your brand positioning? We are a home care service that mainly focuses on home care for seniors.

Making Lives Better It’s about caring, not just healthcare

We’ve always stood out in our industry. We’re loud and we’re proud of it. Last year, we took things a step further and refreshed our brand to really celebrate aging. That’s our philosophy. We want to show seniors that are still doing the things they love even if they do need a little bit of help. If you look at our vertical it’s filled with boring, muted brands – except of course for ours. It’s what we’re really starting to get noticed for and we’re definitely excited about that. Hey, it’s time to ditch the denture cream!