Online Branding using Social Media for Startups – Advanced Tips for Building Brand Awareness and Increasing Website Traffic.

Since social media is such a hot topic these days we wanted to share some great insights from a social media maven who works for a brand we love! Allow me to introduce the lovely Yume Tabo who works for Nurse Next Door, a home care service provider. Nurse Next Door is one of North America’s fastest growing companies which all started from a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada.

Here are the questions we asked her for you…

Knowing who you are and equally who you aren’t is what helps Nurse Next Door purposefully create their authentic brand voice. What you say in social media never goes away, which is why you need to embrace who you are and portray that impression online. At Nurse Next Door Yume says “they are ALL IN” with their brand and craft their messages accordingly. Instead of talking about the clinical side of the elderly carem they focus on the caring aspects and positive family stories.

“It’s not time consuming when you are focused on what you’re doing social media for”, Yume says. You need a “game plan” she continues, “a set of objectives for each social media platform you are on and then you need to be consistent in following that objective and tracking it! Let’s take Twitter for example, if the objective is to increase website traffic, then you’re time spent on twitter needs to focus on having calls to actions back to your website.”

She says “you need to invest a minimum of about 2 hours a week on social media, tweeting at least once a day, to get some return on your investment.” Nurse Next Door is building brand awareness and connecting with communities in areas where they serve. They are tracking all kinds of things such as clicks, shares, views of photos and comments on their blog. Using programs such as hootsuite and tweetdeck to pre-schedule their tweets also helps alleviate the time commitment for her throughout the week.

First you need to know what your objectives are for social media so that you hire someone who will help you achieve your goals. A social media person who is excellent at building brand awareness might be a different type of hire than someone who will help you with a sales focus.

Secondly, you need to have some fabulous questions prepared.

We asked her to share a few…

  • How do you use social media for your last company? What were your results?
  • What do you enjoy about social media?
  • What is your impression of our social media so far?

Finally, you need to share your brand strategy with potential employees. What are your brand values? What is your brand promise? Who are your ideal clients? Basically, all the questions discussed in our E-Book should be clearly articulated so that you can share your brand story. These brand statements should be making your life easier as an entrepreneur so that you can make the right hiring decisions as well as empowering the people you hire to do the same.Hire someone who truly loves the culture you’re creating in your business.

The biggest misconception is probably how effective social media is. Social Media is a tool that can be used to support your larger marketing strategy. It can rarely be used as your sole marketing tool. Once you have a marketing strategy in place, social media is the real-time connection people look for, and it also functions to amplify your message.

The other misconception is that certain industries don’t really need social media. Everything is online now. People don’t look something up in a phone book, they just “google it”. They don’t read reviews in the paper, they check “Yelp”. If companies like H&R Block or President’s Choice are using social media, you should too!

  1. Define what you want to say (your social media objectives and your brand go hand in hand).
  2. Include substantial amounts of call to actions, links, contact details, purpose behind everything that you do.
  3. Consistency of your brand message across all of the accounts you use. Don’t just have an account active for the sake of having it, make sure anything with your brand is always updated.

Facebook will always change. Keep on top of it. You can’t prepare for it.

For now, use custom html (iframe pages) pages to make your page stand out and share as much information as possible.

Hootsuite because I can schedule tweets and save searches

IFRAMES application on Facebook which helps me do my call to actions without having to post links everyday

Any Mobile application so that I can do it on the go

We are grateful to bring you these insights from a pro! Back to tweeting, facebooking and youtubing we go! You too!


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