Are you Shying Away From the Limelight? The Impact Entrepreneur’s Journey

Are you Shying Away From the Limelight? The Impact Entrepreneur’s Journey

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If you’re giver at heart and impact is at the core of your business model and brand then you could be shying away from the limelight.

It might even be getting in the way of your brand having an even bigger impact.

Last week, I was chatting with a fellow impact entrepreneur who is organizing a crowdfunding campaign to ship some of his products over to Nepal to help with the earthquake.

Making his products freely available to the Nepalese doctors will save lives and have a huge impact on people’s health in the years to come.

When I asked him if he was planning to share his story in the media, his posture slouched and he said he didn’t “want to be perceived to be benefiting from Nepal’s tragedy.”

Personally, I can relate to his line of thinking because as impact entrepreneurs giving is in our DNA and so we don’t want to be seen as green washing or arterially motivated.

Yet his companies desire to help came from a place of pure intentions, all heart and his stepping up is hugely impactful.

Yet, he was shying away from sharing this story and I don’t think he’s the only impact entrepreneur who isn’t fully comfortable stepping up into the limelight.

But, why?

Perhaps, as givers we shy away from the limelight because of the inauthentic stories that have come before us.

In other words, the green washing and half assed attempts to make a difference by big businesses has tainted our perception of what it means to be in the limelight.

When I witness him shy away, it awoke something deep within.

Because, actually…

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follow_twitter_on You have a duty to share the positive impact your making in the world.

When you share how you’re stepping up to make a difference it’s contagious. It inspires individuals, communities and even other companies to do the same.

Is there a story you haven’t shared that if you did, it might inspire someone to step up too? Go write it and share it (and even post the link here).

Because when we step up for a positive cause it reminds us at a basic human level that we are all one.

It reminds us what we’re really made of– love.

When you stand up and make your difference visible your story makes an impact.

So if you’re shying away from putting yourself into the limelight, just remember, you’re here for a reason.

You have a difference to make.

You have lives to heal, smiles to share, joy to spread and a planet to sustain.

The world needs you.

In the comments below I’d love to hear from you. Step into the limelight and tell us what you’re doing to bring love into the world today.

PS – One of my clients Dr John Izzo actually wrote the book Stepping Up. If you’re questioning the power of stepping up or curious to know more go check out his book.

Bright gratitude,



  1. Sandra

    Thanks for this, Andrea. I too have felt the call to share my story yet I am “waiting” for the right time as I’m not sure yet what the best way is to get it out there. Dr. Izzo’s book sounds like a great read.

    1. Andrea Shillington Post author

      Hi Sandra, Yes… share your stories!!! Step into your impactful purpose. Lean into your courage! Yes, I actually worked with Dr John Izzo and it’s an AMAZING book and his wisdom is timeless!