A Spiritual Approach to Mastering your Entrepreneurial Challenges

A spiritual approach for mastering your entrepreneurial challenges

Spiritual approach to solving business challenges

As an entrepreneur, you’ve experienced the highest highs and lowest lows.

You’ve been tested more than anyone you know.

  • …your patience
  • …your commitment to purpose
  • …your ability to lead
  • …your bank account
  • …your pride
  • …your temper
  • …even your marriage

Every aspect of your life gets tested.

Over. And over. And over again.

Somehow you keep surviving it.

How do you hold onto those blissful moments longer and stay away from the bottom feeding lows?

It’s about mastering your inner game till you flatline the bliss.

As I mentioned in my post “What’s holding you back from success”… Tony Robbins says “your mindset accounts for 95% of your success in life.”

The greatest opportunity for self-mastery lies in the ugly.

  • When you’re feeling most triggered by the past.
  • When you’re feeling in fear.
  • When you’re feeling in doubt.

Here are 4 things to do in the moment to master your inner game:

1. Take 3 Breaths

When you’re feeling triggered by someone or something it’s a perfect time to go within even just if it’s just for several seconds. It’s helpful to draw your attention inwards by taking three deep breaths. Don’t allow the situation to make you feel rushed to respond. If you want to master these ugly moment it’s important to do what YOU need to do to remain calm and centered in the situation. Use this time to check in with yourself.

  • Take one breath into and feel into how your body. What sensations do you feel?
  • Take a second breath in feel into your emotions. How are you feeling?
  • Finally take a breath into witnessing yourself. What do you notice?

2. Remember The Divine is With You

Whatever you like to call it: God, The Divine, Energy, Source… remember it’s in this moment with you. You are loved and while you may be feeling triggered, remember this situation has been placed by The Divine as an opportunity for you to grow. The Divine loves to test us! So when you’re dealing with your greatest challenge acknowledge The Divine is with you. Instead of allowing your triggered emotions to drawn into you old patterns of that don’t serve you. Use this as an opportunity to master your inner game, to rise above the moment of ugliness and see it as a Divine opportunity to grow.

Empower yourself to act from a place of mastery.

Search for the lesson.

Lead with Love

3. Lead with Love

When you’re feeling triggered you may go into protection mode by using fear or anger based language. This could be language you say to yourself internally or language you use to communicate with others. It’s healing to pay attention to your language. Is your language focusing on your hurt feelings; or is the language angry or defensive? Regardless of how irrational you think the person you love is behaving, it’s up to you to rise above your anger, fear or grief and communicate from a place of pure love. It’s an opportunity to let go of your old patterns and reprogram yourself to communicate divinely. As your vibration is rising you will only hurt your spiritual path by stepping into your old “human” ways.

For example => Defensive voice:

  • “I’m not going to allow you to speak to me this way. It’s simply disrespectful.”

For example => Love’s voice:

  • “I respect you (I’m grateful for you). I’m sorry you feel like I let you down. What can I do?”

4. Express your Truth

Speaking the truth in this situation may feel extremely counter intuitive. It may be hard for you to express the truth if you’ve been taught to hide and hold back your emotions. If that’s the case, you may have a hard time even accessing what your truth is. If you’re feeling foggy about your truth you may need to step away from the situation temporarily to take the time to listen to that voice. In the beginning, when you first want to express your truth the voice may be quiet because you have been pushing it down and not listening to it for most of your life. Mastering your truth is The Divine working in your life.

When you start to tap into your truthful voice it can be the most surprising and rewarding experience. Something that may scare you to say out loud might actually make the person you’re saying it to feel better or break their own patterns.

For example: If you always saying “YES” to your clients and your really truth is “NO” it’s time to start paying attention to that voice.

Just remember to “lead with love”. Own how you’re feeling versus pointing fingers and blaming others.

Make a point of speaking your truth regularly and stepping outside your comfort zone. If you’re really uncomfortable with this a great way to practice is to ask a friend you feel safe with to support you in speaking your truth. A good rule of thumb, if you think something three times say it aloud to that person.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~ Rumi

I’d love to here from you in the comments below.

What works for when you’re navigating entrepreneurial challenges?

Andrea xxx

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  1. Lieve Maas

    Hi Andrea,

    After about two years of owning a business I have come to the realization that being an entrepreneur is (for me) the best way to learn about myself, to break through self-imposed boundaries and to step through fear. To me it is the best learning school I could ever wish for (that and relationships 🙂

    One of the things I notice is that when I stick to my practices, I come from a stronger place and am less likely to be impacted too hard by my own fearful thoughts and patterns. When practicing music daily, and when doing my physical workouts daily, then all other things will be still out there, but are easier to deal with.

    Whew. It’s a wild world out there…

    1. brandpreneur Post author

      Hi Lieve, Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I hear ya on the journey of learning as an entrepreneur (and in relationships!) it’s a never ending play ground for “tests” and with that comes growth. Andrea xxx

  2. Josh

    I love these 4 points! Super critical to the stresses of entrepreneurial relationships, especially those you’re closest to. A version of “Lead with Love” has been with me, but how this is worded is ACTIONABLE and catchy. I’ll be embracing this in deeper ways starting…now!