Calling all startups and small businesses owners, here is another free resource to help you brand your business.

There are plenty of new business leaders either starting up or trying to differentiate position their business away from the competition. Leaders who want to make a profit and make a difference. But first they have to get the word out about who they are and what they stand for. #Brandtribe #tweetchat is keen to address this dual purpose.

This week’s topic on #brandtribe #tweetchat addresses one of the most difficult decisions for small businesses–positioning. It’s a challenging for small business owners because they often try to be everything for everyone. But unless a business has an endless marketing budget, you need to be brave with your brand about what you sell and who you want to sell it to. By focusing your business on the customers you want to serve, you concentrate your energy where it needs to be. It’s ok to exclude certain customers. That’s what positioning your business is all about.

This #brandtribe #tweetchat goes much deeper than the aesthetics of a logo design or websites, topics cover: purpose, vision, values, positioning, promise statements and so much more. The discussion group was created to help answer the branding questions of altruistic entrepreneurs and educate them to develop a brand strategically.

The Founder of Brands for the people, Andrea Shillington (@brandpreneur) hosts this discussion and brings 8 years experience working with agencies branding large corporations and governments in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

#brandtribe #tweetchat is every Wednesday 9am PST