Step 1 Brand Strategy – How to Create a Purpose Statement Using our Online Branding Tools

This branding step is essential for capturing your business purpose as it relates to you, your customers and the world. In my previous article, why your startups need a greater purpose to exist I spoke about the importance of Making money is satisfying and part of your business responsibility–you need to pay your rent and employees, deliver a product or service, etc.. But I believe that needn’t be your only purpose. Here I challenge you to dive deeply into why you’re passionate about this business. Why you cannot rest until this business has been realized. We’re talking about a purpose for your business that involves, empowers and inspires your customers, employees and yourself. You create a higher sense of fulfillment with your business, and your brand signals that to the world.

So let’s get at it shall we? Not all of these questions will apply to you. Draft your responses to the questions that resonate with you. Let’s start by brainstorming…


About your very own personal why

  • Why are you personally inspired about this business?
  • How will this business help you achieve your dreams?
  • Why do you believe this business must exist in the world?
  • Why are you passionate about resolving the problem you see in the market?
  • What industry problem are you solving?
  • How is your business contributing to the well being of the people and planet?

It’s important to also consider the voice of your customers. If you’re going to create that meaningful connection with your customers you’ll need to develop empathy for your customers and truly understand their emotional needs.

About your customers why

  • What emotional needs are you fulfilling for your customers? Are you providing a means for them overcome a fear? Are you helping them indulge in a desire? Are you inspiring them to reach their dreams?
  • What problem does your customer have?
  • How will your business help your customers play a role in contributing to the greater good?

About the greater good’s why

  • How is your business going to make the world a better place?
  • How is your business helping the well being of our people?
  • How is your business improving the environment?


Some companies call it a mission statement, a manifesto or a purpose statement. They are essentially all the same thing. Whatever sounds best to you is what you should call it.

Your startups purpose statement is the reason behind why people become raving fans of your business. Here you are intended to create an inspirational statement that will get YOU out of bed in the morning, but it also should inspire your customers to know WHY they are choosing to buy from you.

In the previous exercise, you brainstormed questions that inspire you personally and thought about how business might relate that to your customers and the greater good. Now it’s time to connect all three groups together. Look for the common themes that have surfaced from the brainstorming questions. In your statement, you will want to communicate on this common theme that links the businesses purpose with you, your customers and the world.

Your purpose statement is a wall worthy statement. It belongs where your customers can see it. I recommend having this in your about us section on your website.


  1. The statement should be personally fulfilling for you.
  2. The statement should include how it will inspire your customers.
  3. Finally, it should capture how it will have a positive impact on the world.