Step 2 Brand Strategy – How to Blaze a Trail with a Powerful Vision Statement

Once you have your startup’s purpose statement the next step will be easier now that you’ve considered how your business will change the world! Here we will brainstorm a vision for your business that will knock your competitors out of the water, help you save money and ensure you’re purposefully direct your Good intentions. Your vision will help you be clear about the impact you envision making and how you will know when you get there.

It’s important to be decidedly clear what you envision for the future of your company. It will help you make decisions that matter in achieving your goal. It will become clear what to start doing, stop doing and what to continue.

Your businesses vision statement is a long–term view of your strategic path, but most company statements fail to appeal to their customers. All too often companies vision statements are written in a way that is self serving for the company. Often I see and hear things like “we will become the leader in Y industry.” Maybe this sounds familiar “we will achieve X revenues” , “operate in A, B and C global markets.” Instead, of these common occurring statements we are going to uncover why your customers should care about your goals. As you learned in chapter 4, it’s important for your brand to connect on an emotional level with your customers.

The three benefits for creating a clear vision statement are:

  • Brand once, not often (save your money!)
  • Disrupting the market with innovative thinking.
  • Aligning employees with measurable goals.

The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and re-imagines the world.

~ Malcolm Gladwell