Step 2 Brand Strategy– Putting your Vision Statement into Action is Critical Step in the Brand Development Process

Once you have articulated your vision, it’s important to translate your vision into the day-to-day activities in your business. Ask yourself what are the three most important things you need to do within the next 30 days to take steps towards achieving this goal? It’s only three objectives at this stage because it needs to be implemented in manageable chunks. Your vision will be achieved when you lead your company towards it. How you will align the companies activities and focus with your envisioned future? Then decide how you are going to measure these critical activities and what one person is responsible for the objective and reporting on the progress. Whenever possible, establish a way of tracking the progress of your goals. As a leader you will need to create rituals where you check in on a daily or weekly basis to measure your progress for each objective. Measuring your goals and tracking their success is essential for mobilizing your dream. I also recommend mapping out a long-term plan for achieving your objectives with metrics and assigning them to the people accountable.