Step 3 Brand Strategy– Putting your Core Values into Action is a Critical Step in the Brand Development Process

I recommend that you clarify ways to align the companies’ day-to-day behaviours with the values you have now created. Values are the foundation for your companies culture. People can no longer hide when your values are clear and visible. Once you have articulated your values, ask yourself what are the three most important behaviours the company needs to state clearly within the next 30 days? It’s only three behaviours at this stage because your culture needs to be implemented in manageable chunks. These expected behaviours will serve as the necessary steps towards creating the culture that will help your company deliver its promise to your customers. As the leader, you will model the way. Remember, values are not who you intend to be they are who you are even when no one is watching. If the values you have articulated are accurate, the behaviours you implement should feel natural and authentic. You will need to decide how you are going to measure these behaviours and then check in on a daily (or weekly) basis. Following this alignment and mobilization of your values, I recommend mind mapping out a long-term plan with more ideas on how to create the culture quickly and over the long-term.


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