The Entrepreneur’s Quick Fix to Improving your Brand

The Entrepreneur’s Quick Fix to Improving your Brand

Quick fix for brand improvement

Not getting the results you want with your startup?

But you’re not ready to pivot your business model just yet?

Here’s a simple tweak that I’ve tested that’s made a huge difference for my business.

It won’t cost you a dime and it will take you less than an hour to check off your “To Do List.”

So, what’s the quick fix?

Why your brand messages need a quick fix

It’s the perspective you’re using to communicate your business.

Most startups communicate about what they DO and why they are UNIQUE.

Their brand messages focuses on the value proposition.

Yet, these types of messages don’t get the results you desire because the message is in the perspective of the entrepreneur not the customers. You’re not exposing your customer’s hard truths in your brand messages. 

As an entrepreneur you’re a knowledgeable expert, but your customer isn’t (yet).

For example, if you’re a chiropractor and you introduce yourself to potential customer at a party you’d start by sharing “what you do” followed by your special certifications, degrees and training.

If the person you’re speaking to has chronic back pain and they’ve already seen all kinds of health care professionals, without any result, sharing “what you do” and telling them all about your special training isn’t going to be enough.

The more effective way to communicate here is to speak about why you do it and more importantly what specific pains you heal for your customers.

How to improve your brand messages

Before you apply this quick fix, I recommend conducting a simple survey with your ideal customers. It’s best not to guess what your customers are thinking and rather hear it directly from them.

A simple customer survey can be painless, quick and give you massive insights.

There are all kinds of survey questions you can ask your customers, but here I’m talking about a very specific kind of survey that helps you identify and understand your customers needs and desires more intimately.

Capture your customer's heart

Why is this important?

In a word: empathy.

What you will learn from a simple survey will go along way to helping you intimately understand your customer’s emotional hot buttons so that you can mirror their language in your brand messaging.

Your brand messages will be much more effective when you meet your customers where they are in their thoughts. In other words, when you speak into to their existing and desired emotional states.

It’s a matter of stepping into your customer’s shoes and using your customer’s language to establish rapport and inspire them to take action to buy from you.

If you’re knowledgeable in your industry it can be difficult to find this voice.

At first when you try this, it will feel strange to talk so simply about how you heal people.

I had a very hard time with this at first too.

What motivated me was when I realized my customers were seriously suffering and it was my responsibility to help them take action towards their desired state of being.

It didn’t matter if I sounded smart, clever or professional because I wasn’t speaking to my peers. I was speaking to customers and it was my responsibility to speak on a level where they could actually hear me.

That’s when I did away with the jargon and discovered a whole new voice that got the results I was looking for!

What questions should you ask in the survey?

The following are sample questions to get the most out of your survey.

1) What is the biggest challenge (problem or pain) you’re experiencing today?

Humans are more likely to take action to get out of pain, solve a problem or overcome a particular challenge. When you understand what your customers most immediate challenge is you will have discovered what will motivate them to take action.

2) How will your (insert area of life you help them with ie: health) be different when you solve this problem?

Once you know what problems your customers need your help solving, second you will need to understand what picture to paint for their dream scenario. What will happen when they solve the problem they have. Here you want to understand how they envision their lives will be different.

3) What negative experiences have you had with (insert your product or service here)?

You want to understand why your customers may not be interested in trying your products or services due to past experiences. You will want to speak into these negative experiences and ideally provide proof about why your customers don’t have those experiences. Even better, give them a risk free option to inspire them to take action and engage with you.

4) What word best describes how you feel about the challenge you stated in Question 1? Provide a list of words for them to choose from.

[For example: Failure, Suffering, Painful, Helpless, Mistake, Powerless, Tired, Debt etc.]

Every word matters in your brand messaging. Here you are looking for what words are most motivating for your ideal audience.

5) What word best describes the dream scenario you stated in Question 2? Provide a list of words for them to choose from.

[For example: Powerful, Beautiful, Successful, Famous, Impact, Healthy, Rich, Creative, Love, Energy, Fit]

Again, every word matters in your brand messaging. Here you are looking for what words are most powerful for your ideal audience.

Customer is the entrepreneur's guru

How do to apply your survey results in your brand messages?

Once you have your customers feedback from the survey, pull the results together using the following formula:

  1. Describe the biggest customer’s pain (frustration or challenge)
  2. State a compelling risk free promise for their desired state of being

Where do you use this type of brand messaging?

  • In your elevator pitch.
  • In your Google Ads.
  • On the home page of your website.
  • Yup, pretty much, everywhere.

I hope this quick fix helps you turn copy into leads and sales. Did this information served you? In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.

What has been your experience using your customer’s language in your brand messaging?

Also, feel free to ask any questions please below.

Bright love and gratitude,

Andrea xxx

PS – Here’s a great book on copy writing that changed the game for me. Hypnotic Writing by John Vitale



  1. Leesa

    This is brilliant advice! I couldn’t agree more. Its so important to understand what our customers truly want from our business and how we can best serve them. Thanks for this wise advice!