The G-Spot: Good versus Greed

Are we ever satisfied? Will we ever have enough? As per the definition, Greed is an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth. Sound familiar? This is how we live everyday, in excess: the fastest cars, the tallest buildings, the latest phone, the biggest burger.

From a marketing perspective, greed is gold. In order to increase sales it makes perfect sense to tap into humanities greed. As a result, consumers are super sizing for food they don’t need. Buying their status with overpriced luxury brands. Relating their self worth with material things. But, are the wealthiest people the happiest? Are the fullest people the healthiest? We believe not.

Human greed is at the core of the global challenges we face today. Yes, we said it, we shall take the blame, but we are also the ones who can responsibility for the changes needed. One by one, day by day, we will start working towards making a positive difference. More of the Good, less of the greed.

So, who else is awake to this need for more Good? The Green Brands 2010 reports that sustainability is the second largest concern on customers mind today (after the economy). This is a global report that polls 9,000 consumers in 9 countries. Hmm, so customer’s clearly have a desire to do Good too. A triple bottom line approach to business (People, Planet & Profit) IS the only way forward for startups.

What does all of this mean for startups today? Opportunity. Opportunity for startups to do Good. Entrepreneurs move quicker, are more innovative and agile. Startups have an opportunity to stand out in a cluttered market place and attract a segment of clientele that is progressive.

We believe Good startups will play a major role in creating the transformation the people and the planet need. Socialpreneurs and ecopreneurs will give birth to a new generation of successfully Good businesses.

So, what if you’re not a socialpreneur or an ecopreneur? Regardless of your existing expertise is comes down to your own desire as a leader to do Good and walk the walk. The essence of becoming a leader in this new era is to first recognize that we don’t have all the answers. To be egoless and engage in a dialogue with customers, suppliers and employees to find a better way. A dawning of an era for value based leadership.

In sustainability we trust.


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