In this video I’m going to share with you 1 of the easiest ways

to market your business for FREE


Are you on a tight budget?
Are you overwhelmed with the technicalities of online advertising?

Hi I’m Andrea Shillington,
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When you pay for advertising it’s here today, gone tomorrow.

Paid advertising is not an asset

As a small business it’s important for you to build up your marketing assets before spending your hard earned bucks on online marketing and advertising

Here’s a fact: 78% of consumers trust peer recommendation but only 14% trust ads

What does that tell us?

Customers don’t trust companies they trust people

So one of the purposes of your marketing should be to create that trust factor with your potential clients!

This is an opportunity for you to add value in the conversation!

There has never been a better time to learn how to market your business online

My tip for you is to create content marketing that solves the problems your customers are having

Imagine you meet a personal trainer at a BBQ. You get to talking about the 10 pounds you want to loose and they give you some awesome tips about how to achieve your goal. Would you consider hiring them as a personal trainer? You just might right?

The same thing happens with your online marketing. When you solve a problem for your customers and create value before asking for the sale you establish trust.

All this will costs you is your time to create the content marketing and maybe a few bucks to buy an image

Or if you’re just not a writer pull some research together and hire a writer on one of the freelancing websites to do the writing part for you.

Let’s say you were going to spend $500 bucks on a Google Ad Words Campaign

And even if you say “you’re not a writer” and you don’t want to write ANY of the content

You could re-position your investment and have 100 articles written for you instead.

Yes you heard me correctly. Instead you could have 100 articles written for you instead.

Those articles will never expire on your website

They are YOUR assets for FOREVER

We hope you this video served you.

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