Wanna know how I got my email open rate up to 49%? Online marketing tips for startup marketing

The industry norm for email open rates is only 7%
That seems low… right? Ya, I thought so too.

When I learned that, I knew I had to share with you how I got my email open-rate for Brands for the People up to 49%.

To be honest with you, my email open rate is usually always at 4 times the industry average for email marketing so I know I’m doing something right!

And, I want to help you sky rocket past that industry rate too!

I’m gonna show you HOW I do it in this video

Hi I’m Andrea Shillington, Founder of Brands for the People
The world’s first online branding agency

Ok, I have a question for you…

I’m gonna give you 2 options, and I want to know what email would you open?

Email 1 — March Newsletter?
Email 2 — Wanna know how I increased my email open rate to 49%?

Probably the last one right? Ok, so let’s unpack why that is exactly

Let’s start with What’s wrong about the first subject email marketing line?
March Newsletter

It’s impersonal / sounds like it’s going out to the masses which you never want to do in your online marketing

It’s boring / lacking any unique personality which is a “no, no” for online branding

Perhaps the worst thing about it is that it has not compelling whatsoever… it’s not adding value! Infact it’s egotistical…

They might just open the email, but only to OPT OUT of your email marketing!

Let’s take a look at the second email subject line

Let’s look at What’s right about it?

Email 2 — Wanna know how I increased my email open rate to 49%? [VIDEO]

It’s compelling because it’s potentially solving a problem my customers might be having right now

It’s specific too, 49% sounds like it’s based on truthful facts because it is
I could have easily rounded up to 50% but somehow it sounds a bit less believable

Now that you have a bad & good example for email marketing

Let me pull back the veil on my business for you… because I have more super-powered email marketing tips for your small business

So the email I got a 49% open rate for was when I was promoting my Amazon Kindle Book: Branding for Good

The subject line was
“you get a FREE copy of my branding book (offer ends Dec 12th)”

What did I do right?

  • I gave them something for FREE (I added value)
  • that’s a pretty good reason to stay ON my list
  • because it’s incredibly compelling to get something for FREE
  • I motivated them to take action right in the subject line by a certain date

Here is another email I did just a few weeks ago that had an open rate of 45%

The subject line was #1 Tip to Save you Money with Online Marketing [Video]”

What did I do right?

  • It’s only 1, it’s not 3… that’s easy right
  • Save you Money are powerful words to use
  • [Video] let’s them know exactly what they are getting

Let’s recap these email marketing ideas for your subject lines

  • Make sure the language is compelling for your customers
  • Be truthfully specific with a number (don’t round up!)
  • The #1 Tip
  • Offer something for free
  • Ask them to take action by a certain date
  • Share what’s inside (free report, video, audio etc.)
  • Use powerful language like save you money

I hope this video serves you, in the comments below I’d love to hear from YOU

What have you done to increase you email marketing open rates? Let’s learn from each other

Tell me, what action you’re committed to making to apply what you’ve learned here?

Remember learning happens when you take action!

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