Brands We Love: WellDone

WellDone is a team of young professionals that raise funding and awareness for clean water and sanitation projects all over the world. We leverage our design and technology skills to develop and broadcast groundbreaking, head-turning awareness and fundraising campaigns to engage and activate the public both at home and abroad.

While on a public health trip to Ghana, we observed the local children washing down their anti-malaria pills with filthy water. It was clear that clean water was the starting point for health and dignity, a necessary basis for a community to build and grow. We returned to the US, fundraised for a well in Ghana, and WellDone was born.

We believe that people in the developing world are interested in improving their own communities when they have the information and tools to do so. We focus on the celebration, on the emotional experiences of the people, and how they take their life, their work, and their future into their own hands.

Our vision for WellDone is to empower communities to build and manage their own water and sanitation infrastructure. We’d like to move away from the aid cycle, and instead provide information that allows communities to take their resources into their own hands. Over the next few years, we’ll be implementing behavioural change and awareness campaigns on the ground in East Africa and beyond.

Beyond our work on the ground, we’d like to be the voice for sanitation solutions all over the world. Water is a fairly easy story to tell – everyone understands the importance of clean water. Sanitation is a tougher story, and arguably a more important factor in public health. We’re going to tell that story in new ways and make sanitation the issues of the twenty-teens.

Our founding principles are:

  1. Empowering Grassroots Efforts
  2. Moving Beyond Charity
  3. Sparking Partnership
  4. Innovation and Learning
  5. Communicating Through Design

Our commitment to partnership means we don’t come into communities and implement our own solutions – we work specifically with organizations in each country that have a better sense of local conditions and needs. To move beyond charity, we also ensure that these partners provide for the local ownership and financial support of our water projects for 15 years into the future, ensuring a sustainable, locally-managed resource. Our communication through design speaks for itself.

We want WellDone to be famous for inspiring DIY change on the ground through clever, locally viral campaigns. We want to be the organization that puts sanitation on the map, and then helped solve it without asking for money.

Our brand promise is to incite transformation through shared human experience.

We believe that design and connective technology can amplify and scale poverty-reduction solutions, like clean water and sanitation projects. We want to create head turning campaigns that are effective in evoking action both locally and globally.


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