What is online branding anyway? Online branding is more than logo design!

Do you want to stop feeling so embarrassed every time you send someone to your website or hand them your business card?

Are you passionate about your idea but you’re confused where to start?

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make sure your big idea has the chance to become famous and you can get the word out about the impact you want to have in the world

I’m Andrea Shillington
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So, what is branding anyway? Is it a Logo? Is it a catchy name?

I Googled “What is branding” and I here’s what got:
Mark with a branding iron.
Mark indelibly: “an ointment that branded her with splotches”.

I know!

It’s no wonder people are so confused about what branding is…

over the years, when I speak to groups I’ve typically asked the audience this question
and people often say it’s the logo design and that’s true but it’s only teeeny tiny part true

Here’s a fact, 70% of people don’t care if a brand disappears,
now that you know that would you agree that branding is bit or maybe a lot more than a logo design

Branding must communicate 5 things

When people love your brand they are willing to pay a premium even though they can buy more or less the same thing somewhere else

Have you ever played the game of telephone when you were a kid… a message starts and at the end the message is totally different….

That happens in brand development too

Ok, so here’s my advice for you if you want your customers to care about your business, love your business and be loyal to you

So here’s you’re home work should you choose to accept it…

You’re branding homework is to answer these 5 questions every business should know
— Besides money, why does your business exist?
— What does the future look like in 5 to 10 years from now?
— What are your truthful behaviours?
— This is a two part question: What are you selling and to who?
— What is your unique promise

The answer to these 5 questions is your brand strategy

Branding is the one plan you can always follow in your business

Have you ever written a business plan? Ya me too…. the second I pressed save on that document it was obsolete and that document costed me many 1am nights…

Your brand strategy won’t change, unless fundamentally your business changes

It’s worth it,

it will save you money in the long-run
it will help you charge a premium
it will save you time mulling over decisions that your strategy will help you be clear about
it will attract customers who love you

And if want more depth on this buy a copy of my book Branding for Good on Amazon or on my website

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Andrea Shillington is a Brand Consultant and Vancouver Marketing Consultant.