7 things you need to know about deciding on logos, saving money and realizing your vision

  1. It’s more cost effective to build one brand, like Virgin did across multiple industries than it is to build individual brands like P&G does with Tide, Crest, Duracell and many more. Ask yourself, do you really need a new logo design?

  2. A brand design should always include a colour, font and photography / illustrative palette, which you will use consistently in emails, presentations and within your products.

  3. Most often your logo design will be seen in context. Unless you’re sponsoring an event, you’ll rarely see the logo all by itself. Your logo design doesn’t need to say the whole story. There will be other brand elements to support your logo such as your brand promise, brand messaging, graphics, photography style, typography that will help you tell the brand story.

  4. It’s not about how pretty the logo is, how trendy setting the creativity has been executed, it’s about how well it communicates your brand’s strategy. A handcrafted wordmark can be just as powerful as a symbol. As yourself if it will stand the test of time.

  5. There are too many blue brands already. Colour is a powerful element to consider for making your brand stand out. Courier companies have used colour quite successfully. UPS is brown and gold. FedEx is Purple and Orange. DHL is red and yellow. Colours immediately stand out.

  6. Test how your logo design works across multiple applications such as on a business card, website, t-shirt. Have your designer show you the logo at it’s smallest and make sure is’t still legible. It’s also important to review your logo design in black and white.