What to Expect when Creating your Startup’s Brand Strategy using our Online Branding Tools

Our free branding tools will guide you through the fundamental branding process that you need to build your startup the way big businesses do it–the strategic way! In other words, the clear way that will stand the test of time. These steps are the secret ingredients to branding your business, because your brand starts with you. Actually, the secret is inside you. Yes, that’s right, YOU hold the answers to unlocking your brand’s potential. As the leader, owner and visionary behind your company, YOU are your brand. Branding is simply a process to help you unlock your passion while staying true to your authentic self As an entrepreneur you may have zillions of ideas buzzing through your mind about how to communicate, what to do next and how to become famous. Think of this process as a way of organizing your thoughts for your customer to receive them. Humans are organizational beings. The simpler you can communicate your thoughts the more likely your customers are to receive the messages you share with them.

If you follow these branding steps you will be on the path to creating a brand that stands out from the competition and that you’ll be extremely proud of. I guarantee that you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your business as you go through this process. At first, I recommend that you create draft statements. Once you have gone through all five steps your goal will be to finalize all five concise statements including your purpose, vision, values, positioning and promise. In doing these five steps, you’re getting clear on the fundamental elements about your business and brand. If you’ve ever written a business plan before you will know that the moment you press save, it’s obsolete. Here you are creating your brand’s plan. It’s the one plan you can always follow in your business. Your brand is the foundation for being a convicted leader. I promise if you commit to digging deep you will find the clarity you’re seeking. When you have a clearly articulated brand the way you need to lead the company becomes clear. Your brand will help you make tough decisions. It will inspire you to start doing new things and stop doing things that don’t serve your vision. You will make decisions that you can look back and be proud of. It will remind you what matters. Even if you’re just thinking about starting a business, I recommend going through these steps before you name your business, hire a branding agency and get your logo designed. Before you can brand your business you will need the clarity this guidebook will help you find. All you need to do is make the commitment to do the work. Branding is an emotional process because it brings up what truly matters about you and your business to the surface. It’s possible you’ll feel frustrated while you go through these brainstorming activities. That’s normal. Stay loose and kind to yourself as you get started. Treat this as a work in progress. The power of your brand lies in your ability to connect with your business with your own passion and then relate that passion to your customers, employees and the world. Branding is the emotional side of your business, so expect to dig deep. It’s more a matter of the heart than the head.


As you go through these branding activities, listen to both your head and your heart. Feel the answers. Trust your intuitive moments. If you get stuck, talk to others–mentors, friends, potential customers, with an open mind. Listen without an agenda. Be open. Be true to yourself and most of all I want you to have FUN! The branding tools are about more than branding your business. It’s about discovering your own potential to do Good. Your customers want to connect with your business; they want to buy honest products and services from companies doing Good in the world. By following this process, you learn how to create a partnership with your customers, one in which you both contribute to making the world a better place. This step-by-step process begins with a personal exploration of your own idea of doing Good in the world. We will be traveling into you and discovering what only you bring to this world. Don’t be surprised if you encounter some blocks and negative vibes. “I’m not that special.” “I’m just one person.” “What can I do?” “I’m not gonna be the one who changes the industry.” “I’m not a warm fluffy type–I’ve got a business to run.” That’s your negatively programmed subconscious talking. We’ve all got one of those. Just tell that mean monkey to SHUT UP! You are creative, resourceful and full of Goodness! It’s time to let your God’s given gifts shine because you are unique. You do have a difference to make in this world, a legacy to establish and market to serve. This is a time to be brave and step into your strengths. These simple and soulful branding steps will help you discover what makes you stand out so that you can lift your message up for your audience to hear.

The activities in this branding step involve brainstorming. That means recording all of your thoughts, ideas and dreams down on paper without any judgements. There are no wrong answers! Nobody is looking over your shoulder so you don’t need to be practical or even realistic. DREAM! And when you think you have it all down, go deeper, work harder. The five steps you are about to explore in this guidebook will result in you having the one plan you can always follow in your business. The moment you press save on your business plan it’s obsolete, but your brand is the foundation for how you will lead your company.


It’s your goal to leave this process with a brand that inspires your people, connects with your dream clients and contributes to the world. As you’re going through this branding guide I recommend that you create an inspiring space for these activities. Here are some ideas to get you started.


  • Big paper
  • Colourful marker pens
  • Post-it notes
  • Mentors, friends & colleagues
  • Wine, water, coffee or tea
  • Glue stick & scissors
  • Whatever you enjoy working with


  • Get out of your office or business
  • Access your creative brain by doing something else–walking is a great activity but so is cooking, doodling, photography, dancing
  • Surround yourself with inspirational people like Oprah, Robin Sharma or Deepak Chopra.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. ~ Steve Jobs

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