What’s holding you back from success?

What’s holding you back from success?










Tony Robbins says “your mindset accounts for 95% of your success in life.” If you believe that’s true and you’re not where you want to be then the next logical step is to look within yourself and discover what’s behind what’s holding you back. It’s an opportunity to peel back those layers of the onion and get real with yourself.

Earlier this year, that is exactly what happened to me, I was sitting in a room filled with visionary entrepreneurs at a conference called “Actualize – The Source Code of Success” put on by the most amazing people ever: Eben Pagan and Mark Gafni.

It was a few days into the conference… and I had a breakthrough. Inhale, exhale… cause I’m about to get naked with you all.

It came as a flood of tears streaming down my face… because I finally realized what it was holding “me” back from success.

  • It wasn’t my technology,
  • It wasn’t my lack of money, and;
  • It wasn’t because “I wasn’t enough” either.


What was holding me back from my success were my own thought patterns.

It was “me” getting in the way.

I was responsible.

And I had the power to change it… (because awareness is half the battle).

Once I became aware that I had been telling myself “I wasn’t enough” I started to bring awareness to how this limiting believe was showing up not only in my personal life but in my business too.

  • It was why I didn’t get on camera more often;
  • It was why I wasn’t communicating to my audience more often (I’m sorry), and;
  • It was why I wasn’t making the impact I desired to make.


These negative thought patterns are something we “humans” struggle with a lot. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t leap forward and make the changes that day, but acknowledging the limiting thoughts allowed me to move in a new and different direction. I’ve now taken actions to remove the “excuses” I had about my technology. By way of this Blog post I promise to you that I’ll be reaching out to you weekly to add value to your business… because I really do have some awesome new stuff to share with you! Hold me to it, because I’m here to serve and inspire you to make a profit while making a difference.

Here’s the kicker, when I noticed how my limiting beliefs were showing up in my business I started to notice how it was showing up in your lives too.

I’d hear you say things like…

  • I’m not creative
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m too far behind
  • I’m not a writer
  • I’m not good in front of the camera
  • I’m not technical
  • I’m not a leader
  • I’m not funny
  • I’m not entertaining
  • I’m not cool


What sentence stands out to you the most? How are your thoughts holding you back?

I invite you to pause for just a moment and allow yourself to consider how your own limiting thoughts are showing up for you and what impact it’s having in your business.

If you’re feeling inspired, write your sentence down on a piece of paper and explore how it is showing up for you specifically. Once you have done that re-write that sentence for yourself and stick it somewhere you will see it. For me, instead of “I’m not enough” my post it note says “Yes, I can.”

If you’re feeling courageous, I’d love to hear more about your awareness and “Ah ha’s” below…

yes I can










Bright love and gratitude,

Andrea xxx

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  1. Carla

    Thank you for posting this insightful article. I’ve realized my sentence is “I’m not enough” too and it’s why I’m Paralyzed with my marketing efforts.

  2. Ekaterina Ramirez

    Andrea, thx for sharing your story. Always love reading something like that. It’s brave and vulnerable.

    Writing about it publicly is a great way to continue banishing the old thought patterns. You are taking the next steps to win this battle.

    You said that you didn’t show up enough (not getting on camera more often; not communicating to your audience more often; not making the impact you desire to make.) I wonder how do you want to show up in your business?

    1. brandpreneur Post author

      Great question! Thanks for asking it. Quite simply… I will show up as my true self because “I am enough”. I’ll be vulnerable, consistent, inspiring, supportive and giving of my gifts.