Why I hate the “What Do You Think of My Logo” Post

Why I hate the “What Do You Think of My Logo” Post

Every time I see one of these posts on Facebook all of my cells cringe and I get a wave of nausea.


When people find out I’m a branding expert and they ask me what I think about their logo design and shove their business card in my face, a little part of me dies inside.


As a branding expert with 15 years of experience, one things is for sure, across all of my clients, it’s NEVER, EVER about the logo design.

Here’s why I hate these posts and types of conversations:

  • The logo design is just one tiny part of your brand and if you’re not addressing ALL of that other stuff like your purpose, vision, values, positioning, name etc. then it’s not really a brand, it’s just a logo. AND People don’t buy into logo’s, they buy into brands.
  • It’s just a “phase” that ends up costing them money and making them feel slightly better because it camouflages the real problems. But in a few months or a year from now, the problems facing their brand are still there. Which means that they just wasted their time AND their money. If they’re not addressing the root causes about why they’re not standing out in the market and gaining more momentum, a LOGO ISN’T GOING TO FIX THAT.
  • A pretty new logo design is just lipstick on a pig, it’s not a strategy. Your brand should address why you’re not feeling self-expressed and stuck in perfectionist mode so you can step into your power confidently in the world.

In short, it’s keeping your light covered up when really a brand should be unleashing that light to the world.

And, if you have done your logo design the right way, then:

  • The only people to care about what they think are YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS. When you post your logo designs on social media, you’re getting a super broad range of remarks that are likely to cause you unnecessary confusion, wasted time and frustrate your designer with extra rounds of refinements.

Right now I’m rebranding a client that’s a qualitative researcher. We were in the process of finalizing her brand identity and she was testing it with her audience. I gently reminded her to not only look at what her clients liked, but also what her heart had to say about the matter.


  • Don’t forget to ask yourself which option do you love? Which option represents your energy frequency best? Which one does your heart connect with? If you don’t love it then it’s going to cost you your confidence. Your brand is an extension of you.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this…

Branding is an act of self-love for your business. It should feel like you’re giving birth to beautiful creation that captures your true authentic self.

End of rant.


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