Why Logo is a four letter word and needs to be rebranded

We feel the usage of the word Logo has been misused to the point of no return. Here is our stance on the matter, we encourage your comments.

We propose logo be re-branded to brandmark, but we want to hear what you think.

Bottom line for designers is: good designers, design brands, logo designers, just design logos.

Bottom line for the client is: remarkable leaders are brands, logos don’t do their visions justice.

Logo has become a dirty four letter word. Brand is a lovely 5 letter word, much better already! But for now, we’ll have to continue using it for SEO 🙁

Brands that are cool are brands. Brands that are not cool are just logo designs gone wrong.

People love brands. Logos are only likable.

Brands are simply engineered. Logos are a beauty parade.

Brands stand for something. Logos punctuate that something.

People buy brands. Not logos.

Actually (some) client’s buy logos. But people buy brands.

A brand is all encompassing. A logo is just one piece.

Brand design is a labour of love. Logo design is a disheartening process.

Brand design is about quality. Logo design is about quantity.

Logo does not have the word “Brand” in it. Go Brandmark!

Please leave us a comment ↓ as a token of your support. It’s our hope that one day this article will organically make it to the top of Google for the search word “logo”. What do you think it should be called? Leave us a comment.