Why Loving Your Business Card Design Really Does Matter

Why Loving Your Business Card Design Really Does Matter


Why loving your business card design really does matter


Would you show up to a first date (with your dream man or woman) rocking sweat pants and bad breath?


No, I didn’t think so… You’re all dressed up, wearing your favourite outfit and looking your absolute best!


So, how about when you show up at a business event where you’re hoping to connect with a new client you’d love working with?


Do you make sure you look amazing? Do you check and make sure you have extra business cards on hand?


Hellz ya!


So let me ask you this… how do you feel when you hand over your business card? Are you giddy with excitement and waiting for them to “ooh” and “awe” over how cool it is?


…OR …


Are you slipping it to them while looking the other way like a drug deal is going down because you don’t want anyone to see?


Be honest.





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My business card is a drink coaster.  Yes, like the kind you find at a bar, only mine is pink and beautiful!


When I go to a business event and I hand over my business card, it always ends up being a talking point. I’ve never handed it over without some form of “oohing” and “aweing”. I’ve even had new clients text me a photo of it sitting on their desk after with a bottle of vitamin water sitting on it.


Here’s why you should LOVE your business card >>>  


Because…. if you don’t JUMP FOR JOY LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your brand why should your customer want to date you?


First impressions are crucial, and your business card plays a huge role in how people remember you. Picture yourself at an event or business meeting. You’re about to exchange business cards with someone for the first time… how do you feel?


If you’re the type of entrepreneur who really values your own personal development, you are someone who is truly trying to be the best person you can be. So back to that moment when you’re handing in your business card and possibly meeting your ideal client. If you’re feeling anything less than proud of your business card and well-represented by it, there’s a problem.  Because your brand should help you to really your best foot forward and give someone a real impression on what it is that you stand for and why they should care to do this business with you.


95% of your first impression comes from your visual appearance. Your overall ensemble is affected by the aspects of you that can be seen, from your clothes and accessories, to even your business card. It acts as a representation of you, as an extension of your visual appearance. So, imagine if you’re not really fully showing up in that moment, how that might be affecting the signals that you are sending to a potential client, or how it might be affecting the first impression you make.


My business card is a drink coaster. When I go to a business event and I hand over my business card, it always ends up being a talking point. To begin with, it’s shape and dimensions aren’t like your traditional business cards. It’s also on an extra thick card stock, which prevents it from bending and looking creased even if I’ve been travelling.


So, I invite you to consider: how can you truly show up in the moment at an event? And just as importantly… how can you make sure that your brand is really representing you? That is, how your brand is going to reflect you so that you can truly make an amazing first impression with your ideal client. With all that hard work you do, it should really be helping your shine.


In the comments below. I would love to hear from you. What are some things that you do to make sure that you are fully showing up in that first moment? Send us a photo of your business card!