Brand Positioning


Download: Step 4 – Positioning – Worksheets

In this activity, you’ll explore what you want to be famous for and determine what reputation you wish to build for your business. It’s important to be authentic in your brand positioning too. It matters that you are passionate about the customers you will be serving. You will also need to check that the audience is profitable for your brand positioning. In the following activities you will be exploring your ideal client. This customer should inspire you to step into your brave voice. Everyone has super powers it’s just a matter of finding the right audience for them. The goal for your brand’s positioning is to STOP competing with the competition. There is only one you in the world.
Imagine you’re building a fire. Would you start with the biggest log? If you did, would the fire burn? Likely not. You’re common sense tells you that to start with a small fire and then build it bigger once it was already burning. The same methodology applies to your igniting your market. Start small, with the right ingredients and then gradually build from there.