Rebecca Vigelius | Copywriter

The key to getting anything done is taking multiple small, simple steps and staying positive when panic ensues, a system Rebecca Vigelius learned early on in her fast-paced career as a TV news producer and writer.

She took that philosophy into her role as Vice-President, Corporate Communications, and later, as Vice-President, Marketing and Communications–creating and executing strategic public relations and marketing plans for some of North America’s largest industry associations, public events, and consumer brands.

A natural storyteller, Rebecca’s expertise lies in turning complex issues into digestible bites and writing copy that sparks action. She believes quiet observation and conversation are the keys to engaging any audience, and that success in sales comes through story and a deep connection to others’ needs.

Inspired by the idea that it’s not that hard to do better, she uses her 20 years of writing and communications experience to help impact-driven, intentional businesses set themselves apart and turn on their legacy through strategic messaging and copy that connects with their desired audience.