For Customers

How many designers do you have?

We have had thousands of designers apply, however, we value quality over quantity. We are always accepting new designers into the system and have designers from Canada, US, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil and more.


How are your designers vetted to be included in the community?

Every designer is hand-picked by the Founder, Andrea Shillington who reviews the designers profile including the portfolio and she also interviews them. Only designers that are accepted into the community are those that have a portfolio demonstrating their brand identity expertise.


What is the difference between a Bronze, Gold and Platinum Designer?

The difference between the levels of graphic designers is based on their years of experience. Bronze designers have under 3 years, Gold designers have between 3 to 5 years and Platinum designers have 5 years or more.

Some things to consider with the varying levels of experience are:

– More experience is typically associated with the designers ability to be responsive to your feedback

– More experience is typically associated with faster work

– More experience typically mean more technical design experience


Why can I only invite 5 designers?

It’s difficult to attract higher-end designers who want to participate in design competitions. Given that Brands for the People has is a degree of speculative work involved in our business model we want to keep the competition fair between designers, which is why we only allow our customers to invite up to 5 designers. This ensures we are able to attract awesome designers who don’t typically participate on crowdsourced design sites.


What is the purpose of the design pitch?

The purpose of the design pitch is for you to feel confident which designer you would like to hire. After you choose a designer, you may provide your feedback for the concept that they originally pitched. The creative pitch is not intended for you to finalize your brand concept design, it’s simply a starting point between you and the freelance designer that you choose.


How many logo’s will I get with my design pitch?

Most designers provide between one concept with up to three images each. Given that the designers are doing speculative work, we don’t have a policy about the amount of creative concepts that designers must present.

Most design competition websites boost about the volume of logo’s presented, however, we choose to focus on quality rather than quality so that we can attract and retain high-end designers who typically don’t participate on design competition sites. In our experience, customers often find it confusing to have to choose between hundreds of logo designs.


What are the terms of the money back guarantee?

  • Within 60 days of launching your branding project we will give you a money back guarantee.

  • The money back guarantee is subject to the matching fee.