Alexandra Jamieson

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Alexandra Jamieson

Who she is: Alexandra Jamieson is an intuitive health coach, best selling author + co-producer of Supersize Me.

What she does: It’s her mission to start a happiness pandemic in the USA, by inspiring women to fall in love with their bodies and play life by their own rules.

Why we worked with her: We were drawn to Alexandra’s philosophy of living a life fully “by your own rules.” It strikes to the heart of authenticity that is a core value at Brands for the Heart. Why else was this a great fit? Alexandra is a super successful badass, an amazing human being who is changing the world!

How we transformed her business: By channeling her authenticity, we came up with a brand that showcased Alexandra Jameison and her good work to the world.

As part of a complete brand overhaul, we worked with her to rename her popular podcast to Her Rules Radio (great name, right?), which is aligned with her vision of helping 10 million women love their bodies.

We transformed Alexandra’s business model: how she says yes to things and how she says no to things, so that her company is now laser-focused on her mission. Part of this was overhauling her brand architecture. Alexandra has many different products, and we refined how each it situated within the suite of her overall brand through key messaging.

The bottom line? Her bottom line: within the first two months of rebranding, Alexandra doubled her business!

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Vision statement
Brand architecture
Brand copy and key messaging
Renaming of products with the larger brand suite

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