Bohemian Folk

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Bohemian Folk

Who they are: Bohemian Folk is an eco-fashion company that promotes sustainability through simplicity.

What they do: Bohemian Folk is revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing women with a collection of stylish clothes that enables them to simplify the way they get dressed.

Why we worked with them: Before they became Bohemian Folk, this company was an existing apparel brand selling their collection on Etsy. Founder Leslie Navia knew they were ready to get to the next level and, to do so, they needed to engage with their branding in a better way. When we heard their story, we were hooked!

How we transformed their business: Through our Brand for the Heart coaching program, we helped Leslie and her team gain clarity on her most essential goals, which was supporting the planet. From there we came up with a proper brand positioning around eco-fashion, including changing the company’s name to Bohemian Folk, which is trademarkable, speaks to their ideal audience, and sounds darn chic to boot!

We revamped Bohemian Folk’s brand and the company is now positioned to move past its current success as a clothing retailer and become a movement around eco-choice by branding into other sustainability lifestyle products.

The bottom line? The profits are pouring in and Bohemian Folk is well-poised to become a retail empire!

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Logo design
Colour and font palette
Website consulting

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