Climbing Flex

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Climbing Flex

Who they are: Climbing Flex is a multicultural online yoga community for climbers.

What they do: Combining pursuits the founders are passionate about, Climbing Flex provides yoga instruction and community resources to serious climbers, as well as uses profits to support environmental stewardship.

Why we worked with them: Yoga, mountain climbing, something called “bouldering?” Plus a commitment to re-planting trees to support the environment? Sign us up! Conveying Climbing Flex’s business to the outside world could be a little tricky, and so we were happy to help.

How we transformed their business: When we started working with Climbing Flex, they had a lot of great ideas. We helped them understand their mission and the impact they are making now as well as aspire to in the future. They weren’t tapping into the pain points of their audience, and so we helped them find clarity and pinpoint their message to better connect with their tribe.

The bottom line? Subsequent to working with us, Climbing Flex substantially increased their engagement and community size. You could say they’re climbing to great new heights!

Services We Provided: Brand strategy Coaching Marketing / Sales funnels Digital strategy Messaging

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