Livia Diamonds

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Livia Diamonds

Who they are: Livia Diamonds is a custom engagement ring design studio located in downtown Toronto.

What they do: Led by founder Aret Oymakes, Livia Diamonds customizes the perfect diamond ring for each customer using an ethical business model.

Why we worked with them: Buying the right diamond is tricky. You want one that looks perfect, that is valued correctly, and that is a unique expression of your love. Not to mention avoiding the whole ‘blood diamonds’ trap. Livia Diamonds exudes honesty, quality, and class, and supporting sick children is integral to their work. We like the cut of their stone!

How we transformed their business: Working with Aret and Livia Diamonds, we overhauled their company name and branding strategy. One of the most important aspects was coming up with a unique positioning strategy around a new tagline: The answer is yes. Livia Diamonds’ messaging is geared toward a male audience (in a market where most brands target women), setting itself apart from the competition.

The bottom line? After working with Brands for the Heart, Livia Diamonds went from a startup to more than doubling their first year financial goal!

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Brand design
Business naming
Positioning strategy

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