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One More Woman

Who they are: One More Woman is a company driven by superstar Jennifer Love, who during the past 20 years has been involved in the raising of over $100 million and has built several successful companies from the ground up.

What they do: One More Woman shows their audience how to replicate Jennifer’s success. They help female entrepreneurs scale up their companies beyond $1 million and forge their paths in the business world.

Why we worked with them: One More Woman is more than an awesome company; it’s a movement for womenpreneurs to revolutionize how business is done. They focus especially on improving financial literacy for their tribe so they can achieve their fair share of the business pie. We’re talking future CEOs and visionaries here. One More Woman also provides funding, education, and confidence for women and girls around the world. Brands for the Heart couldn’t be any more aligned with a company as far as values and vision, and we love working closely with One More Woman!

How we transformed their business: Clarity clarity clarity! Jennifer had amazing ideas for her business (she is a superstar, after all), but she was having trouble expressing her brand. After hiring us for a one-day VIP session, Jennifer connected with her Why? and One More Woman was born! We’ve worked with the company on every aspect of branding and growth. This is one relationship particularly near and dear to our heart!

The bottom line? One More Woman blasted off after we began collaborating with them. Within 45 days, they closed a major investor. In less than a year, they grew their Instagram following 300 to 30,000, and received 6-figure sponsorship deal. Wow!

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Brand design
Business naming
Positioning strategy
Vision Statement
Design Strategy

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