Turned on Living

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Turned on Living

Who he is: Turning On Living is the brainchild of Dr. Brad Gorski, an online health coach for high performers.

What he does: Brad operates a successful medicine clinic to help people eliminate autoimmune disease.

Why we worked with him: Turning on Living is super cool and passionate, a reflection of its founder. Brad takes a customized approach to clients who suffer from autoimmunity. He makes healthy living sexy, and that’s something that turns us on!

How we transformed their business: We worked with Brad to find clarity on the values of his company. The result? We discovered Turned on Living, a name and concept that positions him as the go-to expert for high performers who want strategies to living better. We tied in the company’s vision with its impact, and now Turned on Living is making a huge difference in the world.

The bottom line? Business is thriving as Brad is making an important difference in many people’s lives.

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Business naming
Positioning strategy
Vision Statement
Brand guidelines

See more: drbradgorski.com