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Uomo D’oro

Who they are: Uomo D’oro is a luxury sneaker company started by Derek Viveiros, who is passionate about helping men connect with their inner champion.

What they do: Uomo D’oro is more than footwear; their sneakers are intricate and stunning and infused with the spirit of a champion.  

Why we worked with them: Like many of the great companies we work with, Uomo D’oro is creating a movement. Through their work, they are creating ‘champion men’ who hold the torch of a new era of manhood that serves our world for future generations. They’re product is not only hand crafted out of Italy but their brand every purchase of their shoes goes towards supporting young men join a two-year counseling program.  

How we transformed their business: Derek began working with us as a coaching client, moving through our program to get clear around his mission and story.  Working with Brands for the Heart, he discovered how he wanted to make an impact in a way that is deeply fulfilling and soulfully driven. We coached him to find the core concept of the brand: being a “man of gold” (uomo d’oro in Italian), and helped him understand how deeply connected to his own personal story this mission is. From there we coached him to create the company name and all of its topline messaging and brand identity design.  Luxurious style aligned for true impact – why not? What could be better?

The bottom line?  Uomo D’oro and Derek now sparkle with clarity and purpose, poised to make a lasting impact in men’s lives.

Services We Provided

  • Brand strategy coaching
  • Business name coaching
  • Brand identity design including logo design, font palate, colour palate, image palate, graphics, etc.
  • Clarity coaching for purpose, vision and values
  • Tagline + messaging coaching
  • Marketing coaching  

See more: https://www.uomodoro.com/