Livie and Luca

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Livie and Luca

Who they are: Livie & Luca is a footwear company focusing on spreading joy in their customers’ lives and in their communities.

What they do: They sell handmade shoes of extraordinary comfort and durability, expertly designed for the healthy development of children’s feet.

Why we worked with them: So adorable, those little shoes! The women behind them are creative and business-minded superstars who use economically sustainable methods and donate 10% of proceeds to making the world a better place. If the shoe fits …

How we transformed their business: We have collaborated with Livia & Luca for many years, and it’s always a joy to do so. We helped the team achieve clarity on their mission and vision, which is spreading joy to 1 million children in the U.S. We helped them develop a brand strategy that includes tangible and measurable goals.

Becoming clear on company values was a big step for Livia & Luca. We talked a lot about what the business should be at its core, we researched their audience and potential audience to find a brand differentiator, and in the end the company changed its entire workplace culture to better align with their values.

Our work with them continues, as we’re creating a brand guidelines document and also refining overall strategy.

The bottom line? From the implementation of the company’s first 90-day marketing strategy, revenue took off to the tune of 65% growth in a year and a half. Now those shoes are going places!

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Brand design
Photography, image and font palettes
Positioning strategy
Email and marketing guidelines
Customer research and analysis

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