our heart-felt purpose…

Every heart has a lantern, we exist to
guide you in lighting yours.

a vision we hope
you will share…

We envision a day when mission based
businesses are the new normal.

the truths we live by…

This is how we do things, outside the matrix of earthy goals.

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Truth with grace

Express the real-deal truth through the lens of grace. Self-mastery is not destination, it’s a path of constant growth. Know when to speak up and when to let go. Lead with love. Relentlessly pursue a meaningful existence. Expressing truth is an opportunity for growth. Clarity is the prelude to an unwavering focus.

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Radical acceptance

Spin challenges into gold. Lean into patience and watch the divine plan to unfold. Everyone deserves a judgement-free zone. Surrender to the gifts hiding inside the shame. Adapt to the present moment with gratitude.

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Courageous faith

Faith creates miracles. Miracles don’t create faith. Follow your heart and leap. Take action on inspiration. Trust in the underbelly that everything will be ok. Hold onto the rope of endless positivity.Express the real-deal truth through the lens of grace. Self-mastery is not destination, it’s a path of constant growth. Know when to speak up and when to let go. Lead with love. Relentlessly pursue a meaningful existence. Expressing truth is an opportunity for growth. Clarity is the prelude to an unwavering focus.

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Intention creates impact

Put service first, then desires will manifest. Start from the heart. Know ‘the why’ and the answers for ‘the how’ will follow. Intention is the birthplace of excellence. Litter the world with traces of pure goodness.

meet the team.

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the short-polished bit about andrea…


On a 14-year world tour as an international brand strategist, Andrea developed strategies for fortune 500’s and other famous brands, from the UAE federal government to Astra Zeneca to seven star hotels, all prior to launching brands for the heart. Andrea’s clients call her a Business Soul Architect, because her wisdom, strategic-side and heart combines to create a winning combo that fuses an entrepreneur’s business and with their personal purpose. Andrea is all about making a difference that’s aligned with your soul’s purpose, while delivering a million-dollar brand position for those she serves. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Good, and Springwise to name a few.

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lean in, for the unedited version (blush).

In the first 7 years of my career as a brand strategist, I was on a world tour strutting around in designer clothes, living in oceanfront apartments and jetting off on 5 star vacations. I had it all, but when the high life wasn’t enough, I started asking myself those big existential questions like ‘why was I here’. Even though I had hit every goal I wanted to achieve before I was 30, something was seriously missing. All the blue chip brands and 7 figure budgets I was working on, in the city where anything was possible (Dubai), no longer made my soul sing.

Then one day in a cab home from Heathrow, while I was living in London, after facilitating a workshop for a senior executive team of a Fortune 500, I started crying and I couldn’t stop. The grey haired man driving me, handed me a box of Kleenex as I reflected on the horror film of a breakup I was going through at the time, and yet what disappointed me the most was that I could no longer just disappear into the work I once loved. My perfect world was upside down and I felt completely alone, 1,000’s of miles away from home.

Fast forward to a few years later when I’m living in Vancouver, after another heart wrenching breakup just having started this business. I remember sitting on a bench waiting for a very unglamorous bus feeling like my life was going backwards and I started having visions of throwing my business in the garbage. I figured I must have been on the wrong path somehow because I could no longer push down the questions that were screaming at me now.
Yet, I thought I had figured it all out already and was living my calling to help entrepreneurs who were trying to change the world and I didn’t understand and questioned why doing something so innovative and impactful, wasn’t enough.

I was desperate to find another way, so I started seeing an energy healer 2-3 times a week and forced myself to be still in meditation for an hour a day. But, it wasn’t until I met my spiritual teacher that my soul started to find the tranquility and my mind found the answers I was searching for. Of course, my soul resisted its exit from the matrix of earthly goals and there were some very messy moments as I was going from the chaos to the clarity of my purpose.
One of the more profound things I realized about myself is that I was hiding behind helping others create impact in their businesses instead of turning my energy towards myself and cleaning up my own backyard. So I started reflecting on my own purpose and mastering my inner game. I treated my healing like an olympic athlete going for the gold and warriored into the drudges of my childhood wounds and to my surprise I realized that the past had left behind a trail of divine bread crumbs.

In short, I discovered that my hurtful experiences and resulting shame served a purpose. The ‘I hate Andrea club’ that broke my heart back in elementary school was when I first put on my mask of ‘I can’t shine if I want to be liked by others’. I now realize that’s precisely why I have been helping leaders shine through their brands, because it’s the very thing I needed most for myself.

Brahim Brahim, CTO + AI Architect

Brahim has more than 15 years of experience in the field of information technology, AI and Machine Learning. He holds a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics. He worked as Consultant for multiple blue chip companies like Volkswagen, Fujitsu, CGI, Agropur, Air Liquide and Ritchie Brothers. He has worked extensively as a data analyst for the Canada Federal and Quebec governments on highly confidential projects. He also developed a web application of predictive modeling, sentiment analysis applied for trading markets and social media. He contributes as a speaker on his white papers at the annual American Statistical Associations Conference. He fluently speaks French, Arabic and English.

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We teach best, what we most need to learn. ~ Richard Bach

It turns out the restlessness inside my soul wasn’t that I was in the wrong business, it was that I didn’t know why I was doing it and what deeper calling was in it for me. It’s not just my work, it’s my calling. Today, I still help mission-driven leaders, I just approach it in a way that awakens their heart’s purpose and turns on their legacy.

Because, the real-unedited truth is, I believe when you find personal clarity that runs that deep within your soul and you take action on it in your business, the Universe is waiting for you to open the door so it can conspire in your favour.

Until then, everything else is just aimless wandering to find that door.

If you’re freaking out in a good way, let’s have a chat.

What you seek is seeking you ~ Rumi

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