Brand Impact



impact starts with
your brand clarity.

[weeks 1-6]

Join Andrea for one-on-one mentorship where she will guide you to focus in on your message, brainstorm ideas and help you get laser focused. This isn’t a cookie cutter process, we will be there with some serious TLC as you master your impactful message.

In between these first 7 sessions, there will be some homework for you to complete, where you will be brainstorming ideas and Andrea will be right there rolling up her sleeves to support you, suggest ideas to make sure it gets there. This process is designed so that your energy gets into your brand while at the same time being held accountable by an international brand strategist with 14 years experience working with Fortune 500 brands and hundreds of startups. This step is done-with-you.

Want us to do it for you, no problem, just ask about our Done For You Service.

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turn your brand clarity
into a brand identity.

[weeks 6-8]

Now that you’re focused, clear and rock-solid confident sit back it’s time to activate that clarity into your brand’s look and feel. Now you get to sit back and let our curated community of brand identity designers work their magic for you. We have a curated community of brand identity designers all over the world so depending on your business type and desired design style we’ll match you up with the perfect designer for you. We should warn you that the high caliber of designers we attract, wouldn’t be caught dead on your typical logo competition sites, so with us you can expect quality vs. an overwhelming ok-but-not-wow designs. If you’re the type of person who values doing it right the first time, we’re your peeps Legacy leaders who don’t rush towards their destiny. This step is done-for-you.


activate your

[weeks 6-8]

While you’re waiting for our designers to work their magic on your new brand, we’ll get started on developing your new website copy. We will guide you to turning your website into a lead generation machine that attracts the clients you love to work with. This step is done-with-you.

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website design +
brand activation.

[weeks 9-10]

By now, you’re crystal clear on your brand’s difference, it’s message and you have a beautiful new brand that you’re going to be super excited for the world to see. You’ve created some fanfriggingtastic copy for your website that is oozing with personality and authenticity. Next step is hand it over to our designers to design your fancy new website for you. This step is done-for-you.

[week 10-12]

All that is left at this point is hand the approved website design and copy over to our developers to code that beautiful brand baby up! This step is done-for-you.


launch your legacy,
start making an impact.

[launch time!]

Getting excited yet? Let’s chat…

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