The Question to Ask Yourself to Avoid Anxiety for Conscious Entrepreneurs

The Question to Ask Yourself to Avoid Anxiety for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Avoid Anxiety For Entrepreneurs

Do you ever find yourself obsessively thinking about the future? Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re obsessed with your goals or you find that you’re comparing yourself to the competition and being hard on yourself because you feel like you’re running behind.

I personally used to be completely obsessed with my goals about the future and it caused me a great deal of suffering, because I thought reaching my goals is what would make me feel happy or purposeful in my life and in my business.

Boy, was I wrong.

If this obsessive goal setting resonates with you too, it may be the driving force behind what’s causing you to feel a bit anxious, weighed down, heavy and maybe even a little depressed.

In this video, I share my number one strategy that’s going to help you increase productivity as an entrepreneur while no longer feeling anxious in your day-to-day life about your goals.

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Here’s the truth…

If you’re obsessively thinking about your goals you’re not fully living in the present moment and you’re robbing yourself of happiness, peace and joy. In other words, what’s happening on an energetic level is you’re rejecting the present moment because it doesn’t meet the criteria for the future state you desire and it’s causing you to look at the current moment in a negative light rather than a positive one.

The future doesn't exist yet, and the past has already happened. All you (me, we) have is now.

follow_twitter_onThe future doesn’t exist yet and the past has already happened. All you (me, we) have is is now.

Here’s what I’ve learned to do to help me continue to feel productive, happy and positive…

If I ever find myself getting a little ahead of myself, or beating myself up about feeling behind my goals I bring myself back to the present moment and I ask myself, “why am I here right now.” This may sound overly simple but if you can catch yourself and apply this when you find yourself slipping out of the present moment it’s a very profound shift that will help you feel happier, lighter and more peaceful.

When I ask myself, “why am I here now?” I approach it with a sense of curiosity because sometimes what happens is we get so attached to our future goals that we fail to see the path that’s unfolding right ahead of us in the present moment.

We miss the opportunity staring at us in the face!

If we can bring ourselves back to that present moment and really live into that moment and show up to it with excellence, power and courage, it’s incredible the kinds of things that can happen for you.

So next time you’re feeling you’re getting into that obsessive mode, or you’re being hard on yourself, I invite you to just come back to that present moment and ask yourself, “Why am I here now?”

If you don’t know the answer right away, continue with a sense of curiosity as thought you’re looking for the next clue that will help you stay in flow.

I hope this video served you, I invite you in the comments below to tell me what is it that you do to avoid this kind of conversations that are going on in your mind.