What If Your Life’s Purpose Wasn’t About You?

What If Your Life’s Purpose Wasn’t About You?

What if your purpose wasn't about you?

[WARNING BEFORE YOU READ THIS: The full moon is nearly in full bloom and I’m having a deeply reflective kind of week. Considered yourself aware.]

Do you ever find yourself reflecting on questions like “why do I exist” and “why am I here”? Well, you’re not alone.

Personally, I reflect on these existential questions often and this week it’s right up there on the surface again.

If you know in the seed of your heart that there is more to life than what you’re currently experiencing in this world…. your heart is right.
the answer to life's purpose lies within the seed of your heart

Keep searching. Follow your intuition home to the truth.


follow_twitter_on There’s more. There’s always more. Another layer to peel that brings you closer to the truth

There are plenty of guru’s and modern day spiritual leaders who will tell you that being who you are IS your life’s purpose.

It’s as simple as that, but the way I see it, that’s just the “how” part… it’s not the full story.

It’s not just YOUR life’s purpose that you’re searching for. It’s wider and far more magical than that. Your life’s purpose is bigger than YOU.

It’s more about discovering your purposeful place in the collective existence of everything that ever was. Ever.

That’s why there is no…

  • shortcut
  • magic bullet
  • life hack
  • intellectual 5 step formula

… to discovering the deepest truth that exists within you.

It’s why the answer never lies in more money, more loving relationships, more meaningful work.

Instead it’s the melting away of the YOU part.

It’s the gentle release layer by layer.

The softly letting go.

In a word, it’s about surrender.


  • Your identity.
  • Your ego.
  • Your beliefs.
  • Your patterns.
  • Your need to be right.
  • Your desire to be liked.
  • Your attachment to what you know.


And each time you do, you peel back another layer and your perspective widens.

Your view grows and becomes more all-encompassing.

Your YOU melts into The One.

And the closer you get to The Truth, the less you need your purpose to be about YOU.

If you’re still reading my musings and meanderings, deep bow of gratitude for sharing in this dialogue with me. (There’s more of it here if you’re interested.)

Now over to you, what does the seed of your heart tell you about purpose? Let’s get into it.

As Ram Dass says “we’re all just walking each other home.”

Bright gratitude,



  1. Michelle Ng

    Hi Andrea,
    Is your purpose something that remains the same for your whole life? Or is it something that is constantly evolving?