Who they are: Envisionable is a consulting firm offering software and resources to small businesses.

What they do: Envisionable’s business operating software helps small businesses thrive, find clarity about their visions, and measure their results effectively. They emphasize ensuring employees are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

Why we worked with them: Focused on clarity, people-centered, dedicated to helping small business succeed. Sound familiar? So are we! Plus a percentage of each sale supports New Missions cause. Talk about values alignment!

How we transformed their business: Envisionable began working with Brands for the Heart as a consulting client. We helped create their topline brand strategy (key messaging) and brand design (the look and feel of the brand). We came up with the name, mission, and tagline. To do this, we focused on helping the team find clarity on their goals and impact. Now, they’re helping pass on this message to their own clients!

The bottom line? Envisionable has taken the tools that we’ve given them and is helping spread a movement where companies get clear, find their essence, and operate from the heart!

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Brand design
Business naming
Digital strategy

See more: envisionable.com