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Who they are: Urbanfibre is a broadband provider in Vancouver (which is also home to Brands for the Heart).

What they do: Urbanfibre exists to “superhero” every home, business and community across Canada by offering the best broadband experience humanly possible. No more restrictions and complications, just boundless potential and opportunity, accessible for everyone to enjoy.

Why we worked with them: It’s a universal source of frustration: telecommunication companies. Let’s face it: they can be devious. Lots of sudden monthly bill increases, hidden fees, contractual small print meant to confuse and mislead. Urbanfibre turns this model on its head. No contract, no surprises, one flat unchanging fee for all customers. Now that’s the stuff of superheroes!

How we transformed their business: When we first started working with Urbanfibre, we took a step back to research what customers really wanted. Through conversations with their audience, we discovered that Urbanfibre’s customers didn’t have a ‘speed’ problem (which had been the branding positioning) but rather a complication problem: the small print phenomenon and secret fees we can all relate (unhappily) to.

This lead to unique brand positioning as the only provider offering “one package / one price” at an affordable rate (we helped them calculate this household spend rate). We still wanted to talk about the value proposition of reliable high-speed services that Urbanfibre offers and called it being ‘superheroed’. Your Netflix won’t freeze, you can access thousands of images in seconds, uploads are just as far as downloads (rare in the industry). What a plan!

The bottom line? New brand in hand, Urbanfibre attracted new investors and entered the marketplace fully stocked to succeed. If you’re in the Vancouver area, check out Urbanfibre’s revised look and feel on their work vans cruising around the streets.

Services We Provided:
Brand strategy
Brand design
Positioning strategy
Vision Statement
Implementation of various brand elements

See more: urbanfibre.ca/internet