Step 3 Brand Strategy– How to Grow Your Startup Quickly with Core Values Using our Online Branding Tools

Once you have explored what you value then you will want to distill your findings into core themes. For example, if you value “doing things right” and “nothing but the best” and “striving to provide the best” then you might want to bring all of these under one theme. The simpler your values are to remember the more likely they will be lived. I recommend articulating your values as mini-headline statements.

An example of core values from Nurse Next Door:

  • Admire People
  • WOW Customer service
  • Find a better way
  • Passionate about making a difference

Feeling connected to each other is a basic human need. In fact, connection is the single driving factor behind what fuels our desires, fears, hopes and dreams. Naturally, everyone behaves in different ways. It’s is our common values that bring people together in marriage, friendship, it’s how we connect with the employees we hire and even the companies they buy from. Values matter because they create connection.


  1. Choose between 3 to 5 so that they are easy to remember.
  2. Articulate your values with a courageous voice.
  3. Share stories and examples that demonstrate your values.


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